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Month: August 2012

For Your Stylish Pet, The Holden Dog Bunk/Bed | Dog Beds For You

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For Your Stylish Pet, The Holden Dog Bunk/Bed

The first time I laid eyes on the Holden Pet Bunk was at a friend’s place. This particular friend is madly in love with her dogs and just about pampers them rotten, which is why she didn’t think twice about getting the Holden pet beds for them. Read more on For Your Stylish Pet, The Holden Dog Bunk/Bed…

Bentley Sofa Pet Bed From Animal Comforts

The Canine Cooler Thermo-Regulating Pet Bed

Cow Patterned Wild Chaise Dog Lounge

Sometimes I just get amazed at the different types of pet beds available in the market today. Astonished not just due to the sheer variety, but also because there are actually high end designer dog beds available that cost more than a regular bed for an adult! One such dog bed that truly amazes me is the Wild Chaise Dog Lounge. Read more on Cow Patterned Wild Chaise Dog Lounge…

Retro Style With The Wowo Dog Bed/Pod

So here’s a quick question – “If you could get an expensive Eames chair for your four legged, much loved pet, would you?” If your answer was yes, then the Wowo dog pod is definitely something you should take a serious look at. And even if your answer is no, you should still look at it because looking doesn’t cost anything, right? And what do you know, one day you and your pet may just get so lucky as to have the Wowo dog bed! Read more on Retro Style With The Wowo Dog Bed/Pod…

Get A Roller Bed For Your Dog

Is your loving pet still sharing bed space with you? If so, it’s time you thought about buying the pet roller bed for your precious companion!

Designed like a modern platform bed, this amazing dog roller bed Read more on Get A Roller Bed For Your Dog…

Are you a discerning pet owner who wants to provide their pet with the most luxurious beds you can find? Well then, look no further than the exquisite WOWBOW dog bed.

Manufactured by WOWBOW London, a UK based company that is committed to providing luxurious pet furniture for your pampered companions; Read more on WOWBOW Dog Bed…

Try A Pewter Finish Dog Bed

A pewter dog bed is a great way to pamper your pet and at the same time, add a pleasing element to your home interiors. Very often, even high end dog beds may end up looking like an eyesore amidst your home décor. They may be extremely comfy for your pet, but terrible to look at. Read more on Try A Pewter Finish Dog Bed…

Boutiques are A Dog’s Best Friend

More so today than ever before, people are lavishing their dogs with items from a dog boutique.  In recent years, people have begun pampering their pooches more than ever with a wide range of products developed just for dogs and their owners and these items are often found at high end stores instead of the local pet shop.  From custom dog beds to handmade clothing, from rhinestone colors to dog carriers, Read more on Boutiques are A Dog’s Best Friend…

Dog Travel Beds – Going Camping With Your Dog

From the Seattle Times: Backcountry camping has certainly gone to the dogs.  Now, there are a number of things that can make the outdoors even more inviting for our fave pooches.  That’s certainly good news for people who love to go hiking or camping and, at the same time, can’t bear the thought of leaving their pet dog behind.  Read more on Dog Travel Beds – Going Camping With Your Dog…

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The Bean Bag Comfort Of The Nuzzle Pet Bed | Dog Beds For You

The Dog Beds For You Blog

The Bean Bag Comfort Of The Nuzzle Pet Bed

Modernist Style: The Le Corbusier Dog Bed

Is the beauty of your stylish and modern looking living room being marred by an ugly looking dog bed in the corner? If so, the Le Corbusier Dog Bed is just the thing you need to liven up your interiors, while at the same time giving your dearly loved pet a comfy spot that it can call its own. Read more on Modernist Style: The Le Corbusier Dog Bed…

Styling With The Juicy Couture Dog Bed

The Juicy Couture dog bed is the ultimate in glamorous and stylish dog beds for your favorite pets. If you’ve got a picky pet who won’t just sleep on any old pillow bed or who refuses to curl up on any old rug, then the Juicy Couture dog bed seems to be the perfect choice for your discerning pet! Read more on Styling With The Juicy Couture Dog Bed…

The Downtown Doggy Divine Sleeper Dog Bed By Bellatutu

The Comfort Of The Woof-A-Pedic Therapeutic Dog Bed

The Elusive Snuggle Ball Dog Bed

The Funny BASTIS Cushion Dog Bed From IKEA

A lot of people find the IKEA Bastis cushions very ugly to look at and in fact also find the designs to be extremely weird. However, even though the cushions are indeed quite different, I really like them quite a lot. Animal lovers will absolutely adore these cushions Read more on The Funny BASTIS Cushion Dog Bed From IKEA…

Great Dog Beds By DogFather

We’ve all heard the saying that a dog is man’s best friend. Well, if you believe that to be true, then don’t you think your best friend deserves to have something that is luxurious and comfortable? So, what can be better than a great dog bed that not only looks good but feels heavenly too! And a great place to start your search for a top quality dog bed is to begin by looking at DogFather Dog Beds. Read more on Great Dog Beds By DogFather…

The Nest Dog Bed From Big Shrimpy

There are some dogs that like to sleep flat on their backs, whereas some like to be sprawled on all their fours, while some others like to curl up and sleep. Well, if your pet is the type that likes to curl up while sleeping, then the Big Shrimpy Nest Dog Bed is the perfect bed for your pet. Read more on The Nest Dog Bed From Big Shrimpy…

One Form Design and its head designer Warren Lieu have launched a great new pet bed known as the Leading Edge Dog Bed. Like the name suggests, the dog bed is designed in such a manner that it actually gives your pet a leading edge! Read more on Leading Edge Dog Bed…

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Dog Beds On the Go | Dog Beds For You

The Dog Beds For You Blog

Don’t leave your canine friend behind.  With a portable dog bed, your best friend can come with you wherever you want to go.  Most dog beds also feature an ergonomic design to provide support to your active pet.  The cushions are made soft and durable to resist common wear and tear. 

You can also tuck and fold them easily.  Others usually come with special cases, handles, and covers with removable zippers to ensure safekeeping.  Read more on Dog Beds On the Go…

Eco Friendly Bella Beds And Binkys For Your Pet

Personalized Photo Dog Beds


Maybe you or your pet are tired of the same old boring dog bed… Well, VisionBedding has a pretty neat solution. They can take a digial photo in the JPEG format and can dye it into the fabric of a dog bed (or a pillow, or a blanket, etc). Voila, your own custom pet bed!

The photo pet beds are available in three sizes which are priced from $80 to $120. The heavy knit fabric Read more on Personalized Photo Dog Beds…

Bring Your Dog To Howl-Oween, Win A Dog Bed


If you’re a dog owner in the Denver, Colorado area, here’s a fun event for you and your pet. The Omni Interlocken Resort Golf Course is hosting a Howl-oween party for pets on Saturday, October 27, 2007, from 2 to 4 PM.

Divot, the golf course mascot (the “jailbird” pictured left), is playing host for this event, which features tasty treats for humans and dogs alike. Read more on Bring Your Dog To Howl-Oween, Win A Dog Bed…

Wigs For Dogs! You Better Believe It…


Wigs for dogs! Has the world gone mad?! No, but I think our pets are being treated more like humans than ever.

Ruth Regina, who has been involved with makeup and hair in the film industry, has come up with Wiggles Dog Wigs. It all started when a friend asked her to make a wig for her pet, and then, as they say, one thing led to another… Read more on Wigs For Dogs! You Better Believe It……

A Pillow To Give Your Dog Sweet Dreams

Save The Planet, Your Pets And Yourself


The United States is a nation of pet lovers, with untold millions of dogs and cats in our households. All those pets must be creating some sort of environmental impact, you would think.

With that thought in mind, Christine and Mike Mallar Read more on Save The Planet, Your Pets And Yourself…

Pets Inn Suites Provides Luxury Accomodations For Your Dog

Beer For Dogs? Lucky Dogs!


Some of you may have seen this before, but it just blew my mind when I came across this…

A company called the Dog Star Brewing Company has created a beer for dogs, called Happy Tail Ale. Apparently, the proprietors go camping regularly with Kodi, their dog, who enjoys licking up the leftover beers during these trips. This got them thinking, “How about a tasty beer treat for our pets?” Read more on Beer For Dogs? Lucky Dogs!…

When Dogs Have Nicer Homes Than Humans…


USA Today recently had an interesting story on a new pet trend – high end rooms for your dog. Forget about fancy dog beds, pillows, blankets and other accessories – today’s spoilt pets are getting their own luxury rooms, complete with cable TV and DVD players!

Design companies like Bella Cucina of Michigan are designing more and more dog chambers, with features like stone tiles and closets. The story also mentions some Texas folks who spent almost $6,000 for their 3′ by 7′ pet room.

I think some of these dogs are living better than me, and I have a job!

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