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Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds Unveils New Extra Small Cuddler Pet Bed | Dog Beds For You


 Downers Grove, IL (PRWEB) June 14, 2005 –

 Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds ( recently unveiled their newest creation in their cuddler pet bed line, an extra small bed made especially for tiny teacup dog breeds, five pounds and under. As with their other beds, they are handmade and come in a variety of colors and are personalized with the dog’s name.

“Realizing that our small size was just not meeting the needs of teacup dog breeds five pounds and under, we went back to the design table and created the extra small size,” Jennifer Utterback, owner and designer said. “In addition to being smaller in diameter, the sides have been lowered to allow the dog easier access into the bed, while still providing the protection and comfort tiny dogs like to have while sleeping.”

The new extra small dog bed features a sleeping area measuring 10 inches in diameter, perfect for those tiny dogs that like to curl up when sleeping, while still allowing them room to stretch. All of the beds are made of a 100% cotton fabric, available in a variety of colors, and filled with 100% pure, chemical free, non-allergenic polyester fiberfill. Beds can be machine washed and dried. The cuddler beds feature a hidden side zipper that allow owners to increase or decrease the stuffing depending on their pet’s needs. The extra small dog cuddler bed retails for .95. In addition to the extra small, Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds offer small, medium and large cuddler beds.

The extra small bed complements the addition of an extra small size to their funny dog t-shirts. The Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Bed dog t-shirts feature funny sayings like “You Sit,” “Isn’t My Owner Hot?” and “My OwnerÂ’s Single.” Not only stylish, the shirts make a statement as well. The extra small size shirts fits dogs between two and five pounds and retail between .95 and .95. Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds also offers the shirts in small, medium and large.

Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds is an online boutique of unique pet items, including many handmade exclusives like their cuddler pet beds and gourmet dog treats. They cater to dogs of all sizes and breeds as well as cats. Established in 2001 as a dog bakery offering handmade, gourmet dog cookies, the company grew in 2002 to include the handmade cuddler dog beds as well as toys, clothing, collars and other pet-related items.

For more information or to order online, visit:

To view more information on the new extra small personalized cuddler bed, visit:

To view more information on the extra small funny dog t-shirts, visit:


Jennifer Utterback

630-745-9633 – 5 Year Anniversary and A New Website | Dog Beds For You


Lake Tahoe, CA (PRWEB) June 22, 2009

Dog Dog Cat today announced the launch of a new and improved website, Dog Dog Cat Pet Supplies dedicated to providing clients the finest pet supplies to keep your furry friends healthy, happy and stylish.

In honor of the 5 year anniversary, Dog.Dog.Cat revamped the website and added a lot of new features, including Search by Breed, Shop by Category and Pet Product Videos, to make the online shopping experience even more enjoyable. offers a wide assortment of dog and cat products, including Dog Collars and Leashes, Dog Toys, Breed Specific Gifts, Holiday Items for Dogs and Cats, Dog and Cat Grooming Supplies and much more.

Visit the new Dog Dog Cat online store at: Dog Dog Cat Online Store and browse through hundreds of unique dog and cat products. Dog Dog Cat has a wide selection of pet products to appeal to everyone from experts in canine nutrition looking for a specific dog food or simply an animal lover determined to improve the quality of their pet’s life.

Plus, Dog Dog Cat is offering FREE SHIPPING (to anywhere in the continental U.S.) on any order over .00 (offer expires July 31, 2009).

What’s more, Dog.Dog.Cat is holding a Pet Photo Contest where they will feature pictures of participants dog or cat in the Dog Dog Cat Pet Photo Gallery. Pet lovers are encouraged to submit their pet’s photo and a short description about why their pet is the “Most Spoiled Dog or Cat.” To enter the Dog Dog Cat Pet Photo Contest, visit Dog Dog Cat: Pet Photo Gallery. The winner of the Pet Photo Contest will win a 0 Shopping Spree at Dog Dog Cat, to be awarded at the end of July.

About Dog Dog and Cat

Located in Lake Tahoe, California, Dog Dog Cat pet boutique was founded in 2004 by George and Mary Kay Richter with the goal of providing clients and their pets with products that will enhance their health and enrich their lives — from natural, human-grade pet food and snacks to earth-friendly pet grooming products, to top-notch pet toys, dog and cat collars, pet name tags, dog leashes and more. Dog.Dog.Cat strives to develop lasting, supportive relationships with clients and their four-legged friends. As part of their commitment to providing a great shopping experience, Dog.Dog.Cat is continually searching for the most creative and unique products to keep your pets healthy, happy and stylish. Shop from their wide selection of dog and cat beds, pet clothing, pet toys, pet treats and more! Contact Dog.Dog.Cat at 1-531-541-2322 or visit them online at or stop by the retail store located at 4000 Lake Tahoe Blvd, Suite C-17, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150.

Media Inquiries, please contact:

Michelle Carroll

1 Stop Marketing Solutions

Ph: 954-632-3905

# # # – New Search Results for Pet Friendly Hotels | Dog Beds For You


gi_0_cuponbedwithflower200x186-9254029, 1626171077Pet Friendly Hotels

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) October 11, 2010

What is a family vacation without your pet? Now, more than ever, pets are a significant member of many families. Including them in family vacations is proving to be not only feasible but enjoyable for everyone. Today, many accommodations understand that accepting your pet not only impacts their revenue but also generates loyal customers and great recommendations. Because of this, Pet Friendly Hotels are springing up everywhere. Currently, many hotels not only accept pets, they pamper them. From pet treats at the check-in desk to pet beds, pet toys and menus in the room, to luxury pet spas, these hotels strive to give you and your furry friend the best service around. has redeveloped their website and search results enhancing hotel pictures and amenities and making it easier for site visitors to find hotels that are pet friendly. “Traveling pet owners are always looking for hotels that will welcome their best friend,” says Susan Smith, President and owner of Pet Travel. “Folks that love animals experience an immediate bond through their pets. Hotels that provide a comfortable environment for pets and their owners will see these guests return again and again.”

With a sizeable database of more than 36,500 pet friendly hotels, resorts, inns, bed and breakfast as well as pet services worldwide, has a lot to offer the pet traveler. The new pet friendly search will display a complete travel description, ratings, photos, maps, and room rates of pet friendly hotels. Many of the hotels, resorts, and bed & breakfasts are offering new lower rates and advertise pets welcome always. remains the most comprehensive site on the Internet, providing pet owners with travel information, including up-to-date immigration rules and regulations for more than 190 countries worldwide. What’s more, the web site also includes airline policies regarding pets and travel articles on pet friendly airports, cities and parks, as well as tips for traveling with pet by car, plane, bus, ferry, and cruise ship.

It’s easy to find Pet Friendly Hotels on Just enter the city you are interested in taking your pet and search for accommodations, kennels, parks, and fun things to do with your pet. Not sure where you are going? Search our pages for regions all over the world that offer beauty and excitement for both you and your pet. Wherever you travel to, remember that it will always be more fulfilling to bring your best friend.

For more information, visit

Modern Dog Beds Offer A Strong Blend Of Convenience, Function And Comfort | Dog Beds For You

Decades ago, dog beds were just plain beds that serve only proper surfaces for dogs to sleep on. There were neither fancy designs nor innovative functions to pamper dogs. The increasing popularity in owning pet dogs had contributed vastly to the revolution of pet beds. Today, owners have the freedom and luxury to choose from the wide selection of dog beds, one which will best suit their needs, preferences, budget, decor, breed and size. In fact, it is the different demands and needs of both dog owners and dogs that have resulted in the production of many modern dog beds.

Orthopedic dog beds, heart beat beds, travel beds, warmer beds, cool beds, elevated dog beds are some of the modern style beds that have been selling like hot cakes on various websites such as,,,, or even

modern-dog-bed-6995604, 1626171076The design and function of a dog bed also play a strong role when it comes to making a buying decision. Modern design dog beds like the ones by Bowser, Caddis and Petmate offer some very contemporary and chic designs as their dog beds are made from luxurious fabrics such as micro velvet, suede and even leather. The dog beds are available in creamy earthy colors such as Olive and Khaki, which work to project a classy look simultaneously blending harmoniously with most décor.

The revolution of dog beds has also seen more additional functions. There are a number of orthopedic beds made from convoluted foam like the ones by Orvis, Beasley and Caddis to help ease the pain and discomfort of dogs suffering from arthritis or hips dysplasia. Some beds come with a “heart” or warmer embedded into them for greater orthopedic benefits.

With a keen understanding the hectic lifestyle of the modern society, modern pet bed manufacturers have designed these items for easy maintenance. Almost all modern dog beds are fitted with zippers and covers that are machine washable. In fact, the GelPedic gel dog bed only requires a wipe with a moist cloth to get it cleaned up.

Big names like Orvis do offer bed customizations, so it is possible to purchase a bed tailored to perfection. You will enjoy the freedom to select the dog bed’s filling, cover, shape and even size. Just click and make your payment via the Internet and the bed will be shipped to you.

Quality Dog Beds For A Quality Dog | Dog Beds For You

Since your dog has always been there for you as your faithful companion and best friend, he deserves to be rewarded with a bed of superior quality and excellent comfort. Thus, when it comes to quality dog beds, a few brand names have been renowned for making some of the best quality pet beds for years.

Orvis is one of these brands you can rely comfortably on, primarily on designs that are simple yet classic. What makes Orvis so popular amongst dog owners is the filling in the dog beds. The exclusive Supreme Polyfil is well known for its ability to retain its loft and silence, attributes that makes it the perfect fill for light sleepers. For added comfort, you can mix this fill with other fills such as foam or even cedar. As Orvis has been popularly known for its customizations, you have the luxury to select the bed’s cover, filling and even shape that best suits you and your dogs’ needs. Perk Perkins, the man behind this brand, is a dog lover himself. Therefore he truly understands your dog’s needs by paying attention to every single detail of the bed. Its signature bed, the Dog Nest, is a must-buy for every dog owner. Choose your favorite shape, cover and fill and let your dog rest on a cozy chew-proof bed.

quality-dog-bed-5144409, 1626171073Another great name is Kuranda dog beds. Kuranda’s elevated beds are popular amongst dog owners who own older dogs. Being almost 6-9 inches above ground, sleeping on an elevated dog bed will ensure that your dog is protected from the flee cycle (which can only hop about 6 inches up the air) and the cold hard floor. Its poly-resin sleeve protects the fabrics of Kuranda’s beds making them chew-proof. In addition there are also no corner gaps to bite making it the perfect bed for your dogs or even puppies that are still in the chewing phase. Kuranda is so confident with their chew-proof beds that they are even offering a one full year guarantee. Their elevated beds are made of tough materials such as wrought iron, aluminum and even solid wood making it the best long-term investment for you and your dog as these beds are very durable and long lasting.

When it comes to the best fabrics in dog beds, Bowser is certainly the cream of the crop. Over the years, Bowser has lived up to its forte, providing dogs over the world with warmth and comfort they need by making beds covered with soft luxurious fabrics as sueded microvelvet, cotton, chenille, berber, and even toile dog beds. The chic and classy designs as well as the earthy shades of Bowser quality dog beds blend harmoniously with your room decor.

Get your furry pal a quality dog bed and check out the selection at these sites –,,,, and Make them feel like they are sleeping on clouds. Their unfazed loyalty and love deserve to be rewarded.

Scouting For The Perfect Snoozzy Dog Beds | Dog Beds For You


As among the many dog beds that offer luxury and comfort in today’s market, Snoozzy dog beds definitely belong to the top echelon – for some irresistibly good reasons.

Snoozzy dog beds effectively weave versatility, comfort, luxury, security, and economy all in one package. Take a look at these cool features, and you’ll easily be convinced to buy one of these fine dog beds at the soonest time possible:

* Snoozzy dog beds offer multiple uses: These beds come in six different sizes, which means that you can always find a perfect fit for your prized pooch. Generally, the sizes that you can choose from are as follows: extra small (18L x 12W inches), small (23L x 16W inches), medium (29L x 18W inches), large (35L x 22W inches), extra large (41L x 26W inches), and jumbo (47L x 28W inches).

The design of these beds is also made to fit the majority of precision crates such as the suitcase crates and the great crates. You can also use these beds almost anywhere you and your pooch would want to go– in beaches, parks, and backyards. What’s more, the different designs will also satisfy you and your dog’s fancies such as the ring, donut, teacup, saucer, reversible, and many others. It’s like having an army of dog beds, all in a prize of one. Now, ain’t that a great idea?

* Snoozzy beds are made for traveling: Since most Snoozzy dog bed models can simply be rolled, they also make a good traveling companion. You may put them in your carrier, place them at the back of your pick-up truck, or put them at the backseat of your flashy convertible. As you hold on to the steering wheel, just put them anywhere that’s safe and enjoy the scenery.

* They’re very comfortable: With one of these fine beds, imagine the happiness that will be written all over your dog’s face Since the beds are mostly over stuffed, your dog may enjoy maximum comfort and relaxation. Every time your pooch lays its body over one of these beds, it will experience extreme coziness and luxurious indulgence. The designer fabrics used in most models give that profound touch of class and elegance, making your dog a source of envy for your neighbor’s canine pet. Moreover, these beds offer nothing but maximum cushion and support to your prized pet’s limbs and joints. Thus, consider comfort and over-all support in one neat package.

*They are durable and easy to clean: Considering that most models are machine washable, Snoozzy beds assure you of fuss-free washing sessions. Be careful, however, not to dry the bed by machine as doing so can easily cut the bed’s length of service to your dog. Beneath most beds are a nice fusion of polyester and cotton for that non-skid, durable feature.

After seeing these cool features, why don’t you go out and buy one? Start pampering your beloved pooch the way it deserves to be.

Woolrich Dog Beds Just Spell Ultra Comfort | Dog Beds For You

Some dog beds are so comfortable and cozy that they have the power to invite even the most active dogs to go to bed. The ones from Woolrich totally meet these high standards that only a dog would know. 

Woolrich dog beds are well known for smooth and comfortable materials utilized on their products. A few popular styles, which have captured the hearts of many dog owners, are the Berber/Twill Pet Bed, Oval Cuddler Pet Bed and the Patch Cuddle Up Bed. Also, Woolrich beds are ideal for puppies to cuddle up, roll, stretch, sleep or play, as most of the beds are smaller.woolrich-dog-bed-9642028, 1626171069

Woolrich Dog Bed Features and Benefits

The most appealing feature of the Woolrich pet beds is its smooth finishing. In fact,  owners claim that they do not need to scratch the bed to keep it smooth. Most Woolrich dog beds are covered with materials such as faux suede, Berber/Twill or Polyester/Fleece. These materials are able to retain heat, and thus help keep your furry pal warm and cozy throughout the night.

All Woolrich pet beds have also been designed for easy maintenance, with covers detachable for easy washing. Also, the filling of a bed is important in determining the comfort level of the bed. Woolrich fills each of their dog beds with these materials that promise the greatest comfort to your dogs. For example, the Patch Cuddle Up bed utilizes a polysilk polyester cushion fill that will be able to provide your dog the soft but firm surface he or she will enjoy.

Apart from that, based on customer comments, this has been the only bed that their dog will sleep on comfortably without scratching and chewing. That’s the comfort level and coziness that a Woolrich Patch Cuddle Up bed can give to you dog!

From an esthetic sense, Woolrich bed designs are very captivating as they come in calming earthy tones, which look contemporary and classy. Inspired by outdoor symbols, classic American buffalos and green and red rock bears, Woolrich constantly tries to invent dog beds, which will bring the feeling of warmth and coziness right to your homes.

With such affordable prices and superior quality it is not surprising that most Woolrich dog beds are hot items. Indeed, they are often sold out due to their high demand, which is why you need to make a purchase as soon as you see one. Check them out at, or

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Large Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet | Dog Beds For You

Large Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet


Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (51)

Make your own luxury dog bed. Stuff our stylish 100-percent cotton duvet covers with the extra blankets, pillows, clothes from your home to create a comfortable, stylish and easy to maintain bed for your dog. Fully gusseted and zippered, our duvet is as durable as it is fashionable. When the cover needs cleaning, simply pull another molly mutt [Read More]

Large K&H Lectro Kennel Dog Heat Mat with Fleece Cover


Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (30)

Breeders, pet owners and veterinarians have been using K&H Lectro-Kennels™ to warm pets for more than 40 years. This new sleek, smooth design is now more comfortable and durable than ever! Constructed of rugged ABS plastic with a steel wrapped cord, the Lectro-Kennel™ can lie flat on the doghouse floor or be attached to the wall. An internal th[Read More]

Large Blue K&H Cool Bed III Cooling Dog Bed


Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (102)

Keep your pets cooler than ever with the new Cool Bed III. No electricity is required to operate the Cool bed III and these beds are attractively designed and allow a cool spot for dogs. Simply add the recommended amount of water through the easy fill cap and adjust the comfort with the easy air valve. Our unique Cool Core diverts the liquid better[Read More]

XL Coleman Classic Rectangular Dog Bed


Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (9)

Give your pet the quality and durability of a Coleman pet bed. The Extra-Large Classic Rectangular Pet Bed provides a cozy, comfortable place for your pet to rest. Just right for pets weighing 80 lbs or more, the bed measures a generous 40″ wide by 52″ long by 3.5″ high. It features a durable design with tough polyoxford and cozy fleece. The Colema[Read More]

K&H 1070 Lectro-Soft Heated Outdoor Pet Bed


Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (44)

This is the new soft design Lectro-Kennel that you have heard about. It has all of the great features of the original Lectro-Kennel, but it is made of softer material giving owners much more flexibility in placement and transportation, and giving your pets extra comfort. Lectro-Kennel has been warming pets for over 30 years. Designed for doghouses,[Read More]

Wag Bag Plaid Dog Bed, Model# WP2736-578


Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (60)

Wag Bag 21in. x 30in. plaid dog bed is filled with polyester fiberfill for comfort and fragrant cedar shavings to deodorize. Plaid patterns will vary – sorry, no pattern choice.

Corner Dog Bed with Bolster XXL 44 x 64 x 44


Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (14)

BRAND NEW HUGE Extra Large 44″x64″x44″ Corner Dog Bed with Bolster Available in four different colors! The Cover: This Corner Dog Bed with Bolster comes with a zippered, removable cover that is washable and dryable for easy and convenient cleaning. The cover is a durable poly-cotton fabric and comes in a variety of colors; khaki, khaki plaid, ch[Read More]

Precision Pet Medium/Large SnooZZy Sleeper Bed, Black


Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (58)

The SnooZZy sleeper pet bed from Precision Pet offers a versatile bed that your pet will love. It is constructed from a luxurious plush fabric for a comfortable surface. Pets love them in crates, carriers, dog houses, SUV’s or anywhere.

Extra Large 40X35X4 Orthopedic 100% Memory Foam Pad


Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (13)

PAY 30%-50% LESS than retail price. Durable reusable rewashable zipper Dog Bed denim Cover + Water resist internal cover. Our handmade dog bed/pad with memory mix foam stuffing or pad is VERY resilient, supportive and comfort that rarely sold in others retailer due to higher cost, labor & weight. Our foam bed will not flat overtime, 3X heavier & la[Read More]

K&H 1720 Cool Bed III, Large


Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (0)

We’re now keeping pets cooler than ever with the new, Cool Bed III. No electricity is required to operate the Cool bed III and these beds are attractively designed and allow a cool spot for dogs. Simply add the recommended amount of water through the easy fill cap and burp with the new easy air adjustment valve. Our unique Cool Core diverts the liq[Read More]

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