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Get A Dog Bed Warmer And You'll Get A Cozy Dog! | Dog Beds For You

Most dog beds have covers made of fleece or sherpa to retain heat to keep the dog warm but solely depending on such covers may not be enough. Some owners may think that they can place their dog beds nearer to the fireplace or provide the dog with more blankets. However, a much easier and more effective approach is to use a bed warmer. Every dog should be grateful with the invention of a bed warmer as it helps to warm up their beds for a good night’s sleep when the weather gets cold.

dog-bed-warmer-1521139, 1626170981Bed warmers are very easy to use; one just has to plug it into the electric point and insert the warmer in between the cover and the lining. Many features on dog bed warmers were designed for safety reasons. The thermostat is important to regulate the temperature so the warmer will not get too hot. Essentially, your dog will enjoy the same comfortable bed right from the moment he lies down on his bed until he wakes up again.

Dog owners need not worry about the safety of their dogs while sleeping on a bed warmer as all are designed to run on low voltage. Double-sealed heating elements and cords give your dogs added protection. Most bed warmers are also waterproof in order to protect the electronic components in it. Check out the bed warmers at,,, and you’ll be able to see this written in the fine print.

Apart from giving your dog a cozy and warm bed to sleep in, the bed warmer has also been designed to attain a temperature of about 102 degrees. This works to help ease the aches and pains of your dogs. Just place the warmer beneath the affected area and the results are therapeutic.

When purchasing a bed warmer, do check on how far the heat can radiate so the whole bed will be completely warm. Flat warmers are the best ones, as they will not create bumpy areas on your dog’s bed once inserted. Bed warmers are also small and handy so you can also bring them along wherever you go.

Buying a pet bed warmer is an economical way to keep your dogs warm because it is much cheaper than buying a warmer bed or thermo bed, which can be used only during winter after which you will probably need to buy another bed to accommodate your dog during the summer days. With the warmer, all you need to buy is just one comfortable dog bed.

Simmons Dog Beds: The Perfect Choice For Older Dogs | Dog Beds For You

Simmons mattresses are extremely popular the world over as they are quality mattresses that are conducive to restful sleep. Now the same benefits of the Simmons technology can be enjoyed by your pet through Simmons dog beds.

Although they are called Simmons dog beds, the name is somewhat of a misnomer as Simmons makes only the pet mattresses and not the entire bed. However, the mattresses are of standard sizes and can fit most brands of dog bed frames. In fact, the Simmons dog mattresses are designed in such a manner that you can simply use the mattress without placing it in any kind of bed frame.

Here’s a look at the features and benefits of our featured Simmons Dog Bed:

The Simmons Beautyrest Orthopedic Pet Bed

This dog bed is a full 6 inches thick and thus provides the highest level of support and comfort to your dog. There are three layers of filling in the mattress, namely fleece, memory foam, and fabric. The fleece helps to keep your dog warm, while the memory foam adjusts to the contours of your pet’s body and provides the perfect resting spot. The fabric layer ensures comfort and added softness.

This is not just an ordinary bed but is the best Simmons orthopedic dog bed that you can find on the market. When dogs get older they need more support from their beds and are not well rested on a very soft bed. For such dogs, the orthopedic bed is the ideal choice as it gives them the support that they need for their old and arthritic joints. In fact, if your dog has recently had any illness, or is recuperating from some surgery, then this Simmons dog bed is a must buy!

Most orthopedic dog beds are quite costly. But, the Simmons orthopedic pet bed can be yours for less than $40. Thus, in addition to being a great dog bed that is sure to please your pet, the low cost of the dog bed comes as good news for dog owners too.

The bed comes with a removable bed cover that can easily be washed in the machine. You can also buy separate dog bed covers to fit your dog’s Simmons bed if you want it to fit in with your home décor.

Thus, if an orthopedic dog bed is what you are looking for, then you need not look further than a Simmons dog bed.

Designer Dog Beds By Lulu Jane For That Extra Special Canine! | Dog Beds For You

Lulu Jane designer dog products are created by Orrville Pet Products. Aimed to provide upscale and brand name products for dog care, Lulu Jane meets the desire of dog owners who want the same high end and sophistication of their pets. This is why, much of products from Lulu Jane run along this theme, with fluffy pillows for dogs, designer dog beds, embroidered bags and preppy collars and leashes trimmed with jewels.

lulu-jane-dog-bed-1433695, 1626170970Initially, Orville Pet Products had been a leather company, producing leather items for horses. Later, the organization slowly diversified into a wide range pet products with Lulu Jane being the designer brand arm of this company. Founded by Kristine Lauritzen Fellows, the idea of Lulu Jane was conceptualized when Kristine attended a board meeting for Orville Pet Products. She had an idea to incorporate style and grace into pet products with the purpose of introducing chic designs as a choice for pet owners with a taste for stylish merchandise.

Lulu Jane dog beds is one of the product lines amongst the many products under the Lulu Jane umbrella. One of the most prominent dog beds is the wrought iron round pet bed consisting of a white iron frame, carved with flowers at the base. A round cushion is placed right at the middle of the bed, and is available in raspberry color, pollyanna pink, safari adventure print or lady of the jungle print. As a finishing touch, a crystal is placed at the top of the frame.

Apart from that, there are also other luxury dog beds for you to choose from. These include the Lulu Jane Crown Royale canopy pet bed, which comes with 3 choices of cushions – Savannah Sweetness, the Blue Willow and the Safari Adventure. Each of these are produced with brushed cotton on the outside and inserted with polyfiberfill and cedar on the inside. Pure luxury for your best friend!

In conclusion, designer dog beds by Lulu Jane are built to offer the utmost luxury to your fluffy fur ball, ensuring that he or she enjoys the excellence you have for yourself. What’s more, with all the right prints available, Lulu Jane products are excellent combinations for your home décor as well.

Scouting For The Perfect Snoozzy Dog Beds | Dog Beds For You


As among the many dog beds that offer luxury and comfort in today’s market, Snoozzy dog beds definitely belong to the top echelon – for some irresistibly good reasons.

Snoozzy dog beds effectively weave versatility, comfort, luxury, security, and economy all in one package. Take a look at these cool features, and you’ll easily be convinced to buy one of these fine dog beds at the soonest time possible:

* Snoozzy dog beds offer multiple uses: These beds come in six different sizes, which means that you can always find a perfect fit for your prized pooch. Generally, the sizes that you can choose from are as follows: extra small (18L x 12W inches), small (23L x 16W inches), medium (29L x 18W inches), large (35L x 22W inches), extra large (41L x 26W inches), and jumbo (47L x 28W inches).

The design of these beds is also made to fit the majority of precision crates such as the suitcase crates and the great crates. You can also use these beds almost anywhere you and your pooch would want to go– in beaches, parks, and backyards. What’s more, the different designs will also satisfy you and your dog’s fancies such as the ring, donut, teacup, saucer, reversible, and many others. It’s like having an army of dog beds, all in a prize of one. Now, ain’t that a great idea?

* Snoozzy beds are made for traveling: Since most Snoozzy dog bed models can simply be rolled, they also make a good traveling companion. You may put them in your carrier, place them at the back of your pick-up truck, or put them at the backseat of your flashy convertible. As you hold on to the steering wheel, just put them anywhere that’s safe and enjoy the scenery.

* They’re very comfortable: With one of these fine beds, imagine the happiness that will be written all over your dog’s face Since the beds are mostly over stuffed, your dog may enjoy maximum comfort and relaxation. Every time your pooch lays its body over one of these beds, it will experience extreme coziness and luxurious indulgence. The designer fabrics used in most models give that profound touch of class and elegance, making your dog a source of envy for your neighbor’s canine pet. Moreover, these beds offer nothing but maximum cushion and support to your prized pet’s limbs and joints. Thus, consider comfort and over-all support in one neat package.

*They are durable and easy to clean: Considering that most models are machine washable, Snoozzy beds assure you of fuss-free washing sessions. Be careful, however, not to dry the bed by machine as doing so can easily cut the bed’s length of service to your dog. Beneath most beds are a nice fusion of polyester and cotton for that non-skid, durable feature.

After seeing these cool features, why don’t you go out and buy one? Start pampering your beloved pooch the way it deserves to be.

Orvis Specializes In Specialized Dog Beds | Dog Beds For You

It is not surprising that the Orvis Dog Nests line of dog beds really provide the luxury, comfort and style, which will make every dog and his master happy. The one thing that appeals most to Orvis’ customers is certainly the personal customization of dog beds. At Orvis, dog owners are guided step by step on using the Dog Nest Selector to select a nesting dog bed which best suits their needs and preferences.

One gets to choose from the size, filling, shape and cover before placing their orders. The new polyfil filling is definitely a good buy for dog owners who prefer lightweight, silent and super-soft dog beds. Orvis understands that easy maintenance is always their customers’ top priority therefore this filling is made in such a way that it allows complete machine wash. Apart from that, dog owners can also opt for beds which are filled with traditional polystyrene beads that can conform to the dogs’ body shapes and keep them warm and fuzzy.

When it comes to the bed covers, the canvas/fleece cover is the perfect choice as the canvas is Teflon® treated so that the dog’s hair will not stick to the bed’s surface. Also, the fleece can do magic in keeping your dogs warm in cold rooms but cool on a hot sunny day.

What’s more, Orvis dog beds filling can be replaced over time so owners do not have to spend too much money replacing an old bed with a new one to ensure that their dogs continue to enjoy a good night rest. Waterproof liners which are on sale help to prevent the filling of the beds from getting wet. This way, your dogs will not easily be infected by allergies caused by dust mites which are often found in dampen areas.

If by now you may think that Orvis’s dog beds are a luxury that only the rich could afford, think again. They come with affordable price tags which are no higher than those available in the market, another plus point for these great dog beds.

In order to keep up to its fort? of producing high quality and greatly designed dog beds, Orvis is also introducing a number of specialty beds with extra features. There are the Buzz-Off outdoor beds for outdoor dogs, travel beds for owners who are always traveling with their dogs and also a very cute buttercup bed for cute little puppies.

Finally, as the Chairman of Orvis, Leigh Perkins himself is a dog lover, you cannot go wrong in buying a dog bed from a man who loves and understands dogs as well as you. Other than, online shoppers can also check out the sites of these resellers and research for even better prices –, and

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Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan Round Cuddle Up Dog Bed | Dog Beds For You

Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan Round Cuddle Up Dog Bed


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Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan Round Cuddle Up Dog Bed Our Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan Round Cuddle Up Dog Bed is unmatched in comfort and good looks. The faux bomber leather imparts a naturally lived-in look and is paired with a Microtec sleep surface. Microtec is a fabric created using a special patented weaving and processing technique that res[Read More]


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corner bed with decorative pillow and legs

Crypton Melrose Bolster Pet Bed, Persimmon, Large


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Snazzy fabrics and soft contours make for one happy pup. Place this by the window for all their bird watching, tail wagging and neighbor snooping moments. Hey, if they’re going to sit there all day, they can at least be comfortable. Pattern on all side


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corner bed with decorative pillow and legs

Crypton William Wegman Rectangular Rotator Bolster Pet Bed Black


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Whoever heard of a pillow for your pet? Only at Crypton, where we take pampering seriously. And our mess-free fabric means cleaning’s always a cinch. Machine washable. Available in: Round Bolster small (27-inch), medium (36-inch) and large (44-inch); Rectangular Bolster small (18 by 24-inch), medium (27 by 36-inch) and large (36 by 44-inch). Coordi[Read More]

Poochie Bed Princess Pink Fur


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corner bed with decorative pillow and legs

Petmate 25-Inch Burrow Bed, Navy Blue


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Wrap your pet in comfort, warmth, and style. The Burrow Bed appeals to the nesting instinct of small dogs, cats and ferrets. Provides insulation from cold, hard floors.

Max Comfort® Memory Foam Pet Bed. Giant 4x48x60 Buckskin


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The original Max Comfort® memory foam dog beds. These world’s best TM dog beds are made with only the best quality, American made foam and provide the maximum level of comfort available for your dog. Veterinarian recommended for superior comfort and support, our beds are a must for large dogs, senior dogs and dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia or [Read More]


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The original Max Comfort® memory foam dog beds. These world’s best TM dog beds are made with only the best quality, American made foam and provide the maximum level of comfort available for your dog. Veterinarian recommended for superior comfort and support, our beds are a must for large dogs, senior dogs and dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia or [Read More]

DoggySnooze Dog Bed Sofa – Black/Red Small 28×20


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For a DoggySnooze dog bed consider the following distinguished features: Healthy: most people prefer sleeping on a firm mattress over a pluche couch – actually dogs do too. The fabric in combination with the straps will form with the shape of the body while holding the body temperature. The air circulation underneath the bed allows release of b[Read More]

Wooden Dog Beds For An Authentic Look And Woodsy Smell | Dog Beds For You

A wooden dog bed will certainly make every dog feel like a queen or king. Some dog owners are simply obsessed with wooden dog beds as these make great furniture to jazz up the house decor.

The mere mention of wooden dog beds projects an impression of hard surfaces, and inadequate comfort to your dog. However, new wooden beds like those produced by Kuranda (you can find them listed in will certainly change these misconceptions. In reality, beds of solid wood promise a lot of comfort and durability. Apart from the attractive wood finishing, many dog beds also offer chew-proof wood so dog owners do not have to worry too much about the beds. In comparison with other type of beds, wooden beds are relatively higher and this feature allows the dog to be at the flee-free zone.

Choosing A Wood Dog Bed

Another misconception many dog owners have is the price of a wooden dog bed. Do not be deceived by its elegance, a wooden bed does not necessary has to be expensive. At the site, you will find wooden beds on sale. These wooden beds come with attractive wood finishing bed frames and detachable soft and cozy cushions.

The right selection of the type of wood which makes the bed is utmost important. Solid wood and pinewood make strong beds, which will be able to support your dog as it grows. A good wooden bed should be steady and stable so it will be stationary even when the furry pal hops on to his or her bed. Besides the right type of wood, an ideal wooden bed should also have non-skid rubber feet for security purposes.

Another brand of wooden dog beds would be the Bamboo Tropical Island Bed that comes with a bottom drawer. Once placed in a corner, your dog will love this bed as you can even store its favorite toys below! Additionally, the dark brown wooden color and the bamboo material used to produce it gives a tropical feel to this wooden dog bed.

Yet another option would be the Doxie dog beds that come either in Cherry or Oak color. They can be used for dogs up to 30lbs in weight, in addition to being made of solid oak. However, the downside is that cushions are not included, which means that owners will need to hunt for a cushions that will fit this size.

Assembling the dog bed is never a problem as all wooden dog beds can be assembled in a few easy steps. If you are looking for a lasting, sophisticated, elegant dog bed then a wooden dog bed is definitely the right choice.

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Get a Pillow Dog Bed For Comfort And Durability | Dog Beds For You


The pillow dog bed is almost every dog’s heaven on earth. Just the sight of the pillow bed is enough to invite your dog to just throw himself on the bed, curl up and laze for as long as he can. At, there are a variety of dog beds that come with covers and fillings made of many different materials.  From suede cover to polyester cotton cover, each one of them promises the same comfort and softness to allow your dog to enjoy his sleep.

Certainly, the filling of the bed is what matters most. The integration of recycled and virgin fiber creates the perfect filling, which provides an unmatched comfortable sleeping experience.

When it comes to the cover of the pillow bed, dog owners will definitely be spoilt for choice with the wide selection of covers made of different type of materials. For a smooth and soft surface, you can purchase the suede-like or microfibre cover. You will fall in love with this cover the moment you touch it. For a warm and cozy bed, it’s a good idea to purchase covers that made of fleece, able to keep warm in cool rooms and cool when the temperature increases.

If round beds are not your preference, you can always opt for the square ones. There are some very stylish square pillow beds at, which will certainly jazz up your home decoration. Be it round or square, what appeals most to dog owners is the fact that dog pillow beds are not limited to certain dimensions. This means that you can place the dog bed virtually anywhere in you house. If the bed is not in use, you can also fold it for easier storage.

Pillow dog beds are not made for puppies or smaller dogs only. In fact, companies like Orvis allow you to customize the dimension of the pillow bed to accommodate even large dogs like Labrador Retrievers. Mammoth pillow beds that comes in XL sizes will definitely provide your large dogs the space it needs.

Other than the elegance and softness of a pillow bed, it may also be worthwhile to check out the hygiene features of a pillow bed. Some beds are built with a layer of carbon at the bottom to trap unpleasant odors of your dog from evaporating into the room. In addition, some beds come with antibacterial lining sewn to prevent your pillow dog bed from becoming the breeding ground for bacteria. .

If simplicity and comfort are your main priorities, then a pillow dog bed would be you’re the perfect and ideal choice for your dog.

Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds Unveils New Extra Small Cuddler Pet Bed | Dog Beds For You

The Dog Beds For You Blog

Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds Unveils New Extra Small Cuddler Pet Bed – 5 Year Anniversary and A New Website


Lake Tahoe, CA (PRWEB) June 22, 2009

Dog Dog Cat today announced the launch of a new and improved website, Dog Dog Cat Pet Supplies dedicated to providing clients the finest pet supplies to keep your furry friends healthy, happy and stylish.

In honor of the 5 year anniversary, Dog.Dog.Cat revamped the website and added a lot of new features, including Search by Breed, Shop by Category and Pet Product Videos, Read more on – 5 Year Anniversary and A New Website… – New Search Results for Pet Friendly Hotels

How to Create a Positive Thanksgiving Experience for Your Pets


How to Create a Positive Thanksgiving Experience for Your Pets Pet Lifestyle Expert & TV Personality Dara Foster Joins PETCO for tips to Create a Happy Holiday

Read more on PRWeb via Yahoo! News

Pet Tips: Getting Ready For Winter And Indoors


Family Time: Paw-friendly tips for a fresh home and a healthy pet After a few months of oscillating between indoor and outdoor living, it’s time to prepare pets for cold weather and residing in closed quarters. To make sure your home is fresh and clean through the seasonal transition and that pets stay healthy and odor-free, consider these tips.

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The Sturdy & Comfy Country Hammock Pet Bed

Country Hammock Bed

No matter how luxurious and comfortable your bed is; the feeling of sleeping or relaxing in a hammock is just something else, isn’t it? Swaying gently in a hammock with not a care in the world, that’s something you have to experience to believe. Well, now your beloved pet can revel in that feeling too with the Country Hammock Pet Bed. Read more on The Sturdy & Comfy Country Hammock Pet Bed…

The Inflatable Kodiak Insulated Dog House and Bed

FIRSTRAX, which is an industry leader in the manufacture of quality pet products, has outdone itself this time. Yes, with the launch of their latest pet bed known as the Kodiak Insulated Dog House and Bed, the company has proved once again that as far as innovative pet products go, they are definitely amongst the leaders. Read more on The Inflatable Kodiak Insulated Dog House and Bed…

Let Your Pet Enjoy The Fatboy Doggie Lounge Bed

As a dog lover and pet owner, I try and do whatever I can to ensure that my favorite pet is comfortable and feels loved. To that end, I constantly find myself looking through different types of pet beds to find the most comfortable one for my dog. And in doing so, I came across the Doggie Lounge Bed. Read more on Let Your Pet Enjoy The Fatboy Doggie Lounge Bed…


Dog Gone Smart Pet Products will debut the world’s first-ever completely biodegradable* pet bed and crate pad, its innovative new line of Dog Gone Smart⢠nanotechnology-based line of collars, leashes, and harnesses, and new Dog Gone Smart⢠HorseWear saddle pad at Superzoo, September 14 through 16, booth #1920, Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Read more here:
Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Debuts World’s First Completely Biodegradable Pet Bed, and Its Innovative Line of …

Let Your Doggie Nestle With The PetMate Burrow Dog Bed

Factors To Consider In Buying Dog Ramps | Dog Beds For You

Was there ever a time when you had backaches trying to carry your heavy dog onto your bed? Or, do you feel a tinge of pity whenever you see your prized pooch, already of old age, having a hard time getting into your car on your way to a summer getaway?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you are just one of the many dog owners out there who are experiencing such dilemmas. You see, being in such situations is definitely hard on your part, more so if you really love your dog so much. If you can’t bear the sight of your dog helplessly trying to step onto your bed and if you don’t want to be burdened by carrying your pet, you can actually have your pet use dog steps. Such products are suitable aids for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, arthritis, old age, or even for overweight or significantly small dogs that just cannot reach places like couches, beds, cars, or trucks.

However, the bottom line in having dog steps is their purpose on your pet’s everyday activities. As such, it is important that you take note of the factors that should be considered when buying dog steps. Here are some pointers for you to remember:

1. The height of the steps should be appropriate. Remember that dog steps are meant to help your pet reach certain high places. As such, you should be choosy when it comes to the over-all dimensions of the stairs. Be guided by the following when choosing the appropriate width and height of the stairs perfect for your dog.

Width: 12 inches: for extra small and small dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds 14 inches: for medium dogs that weigh less than 35 pounds

16 inches: for large, extra large, and dogs that weigh 200 pounds or more

between ten and 14 inches: used in couches, chairs, low windows, cars, vans, trucks, or SUVs between 17 and 29 inches: used to set a height parallel to beds or high window ledges

2. The materials should be of good quality, if not of premium ones. Remember that you should get your money’s worth and your dog should really benefit from the product. Learn more about the materials of the stairs before actually having your pet use them. For instance, the wood used should be of the durable type and the treads should be covered with equally-durable carpet or upholstery. More importantly, keep in mind that the stairs should provide years of service to your dog and not merely going to stand for a short period of time.

3. The dog stairs or steps should be easy to use, lightweight, washable, and portable. Go for the type that you can assemble within seconds or minutes, and can be carried anywhere you go. The steps should be lightweight enough so as not to pose as a burden on your part. Take note that some dog steps have optional wheels or handles which make them highly convenient to use. In the same manner, the steps should be easy to clean. Moreover, check out if they have extra storage compartments. See if the treads can actually be lifted or opened into a storage space or try to look for hinges on the steps that actually make for drawer-type storage areas on the stairs. You can use such compartments for keeping collars, toys, brushes, and other accessories.

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