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Month: May 2011

Large Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet | Dog Beds For You

Large Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet


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Make your own luxury dog bed. Stuff our stylish 100-percent cotton duvet covers with the extra blankets, pillows, clothes from your home to create a comfortable, stylish and easy to maintain bed for your dog. Fully gusseted and zippered, our duvet is as durable as it is fashionable. When the cover needs cleaning, simply pull another molly mutt [Read More]

Large K&H Lectro Kennel Dog Heat Mat with Fleece Cover


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Breeders, pet owners and veterinarians have been using K&H Lectro-Kennels™ to warm pets for more than 40 years. This new sleek, smooth design is now more comfortable and durable than ever! Constructed of rugged ABS plastic with a steel wrapped cord, the Lectro-Kennel™ can lie flat on the doghouse floor or be attached to the wall. An internal th[Read More]

Large Blue K&H Cool Bed III Cooling Dog Bed


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Keep your pets cooler than ever with the new Cool Bed III. No electricity is required to operate the Cool bed III and these beds are attractively designed and allow a cool spot for dogs. Simply add the recommended amount of water through the easy fill cap and adjust the comfort with the easy air valve. Our unique Cool Core diverts the liquid better[Read More]

XL Coleman Classic Rectangular Dog Bed


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Give your pet the quality and durability of a Coleman pet bed. The Extra-Large Classic Rectangular Pet Bed provides a cozy, comfortable place for your pet to rest. Just right for pets weighing 80 lbs or more, the bed measures a generous 40″ wide by 52″ long by 3.5″ high. It features a durable design with tough polyoxford and cozy fleece. The Colema[Read More]

K&H 1070 Lectro-Soft Heated Outdoor Pet Bed


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This is the new soft design Lectro-Kennel that you have heard about. It has all of the great features of the original Lectro-Kennel, but it is made of softer material giving owners much more flexibility in placement and transportation, and giving your pets extra comfort. Lectro-Kennel has been warming pets for over 30 years. Designed for doghouses,[Read More]

Wag Bag Plaid Dog Bed, Model# WP2736-578


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Wag Bag 21in. x 30in. plaid dog bed is filled with polyester fiberfill for comfort and fragrant cedar shavings to deodorize. Plaid patterns will vary – sorry, no pattern choice.

Corner Dog Bed with Bolster XXL 44 x 64 x 44


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BRAND NEW HUGE Extra Large 44″x64″x44″ Corner Dog Bed with Bolster Available in four different colors! The Cover: This Corner Dog Bed with Bolster comes with a zippered, removable cover that is washable and dryable for easy and convenient cleaning. The cover is a durable poly-cotton fabric and comes in a variety of colors; khaki, khaki plaid, ch[Read More]

Precision Pet Medium/Large SnooZZy Sleeper Bed, Black


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The SnooZZy sleeper pet bed from Precision Pet offers a versatile bed that your pet will love. It is constructed from a luxurious plush fabric for a comfortable surface. Pets love them in crates, carriers, dog houses, SUV’s or anywhere.

Extra Large 40X35X4 Orthopedic 100% Memory Foam Pad


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PAY 30%-50% LESS than retail price. Durable reusable rewashable zipper Dog Bed denim Cover + Water resist internal cover. Our handmade dog bed/pad with memory mix foam stuffing or pad is VERY resilient, supportive and comfort that rarely sold in others retailer due to higher cost, labor & weight. Our foam bed will not flat overtime, 3X heavier & la[Read More]

K&H 1720 Cool Bed III, Large


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We’re now keeping pets cooler than ever with the new, Cool Bed III. No electricity is required to operate the Cool bed III and these beds are attractively designed and allow a cool spot for dogs. Simply add the recommended amount of water through the easy fill cap and burp with the new easy air adjustment valve. Our unique Cool Core diverts the liq[Read More]

Round Dog Beds For The Curled Up Dog | Dog Beds For You

Many dog owners take for granted the importance of a dog bed. Dogs are often found sleeping on the couch, on the mat or on their owner’s bed. Little do these dog owners realize that a good night’s sleep is essential for a dog’s physical and emotional needs. In fact, experts say that an adult dog spends 12 hours a day sleeping, which also literally means that they spend half their lives sleeping. Therefore, the place where a dog sleeps is important in order to help it acquire some quality nap time.

These days, shopping for a dog bed can be quite a challenge as dog beds are available in various designs and features. The round dog bed is a good buy for dog owners who are looking for a basic and simple place for their dogs to sleep comfortably. The shape of this bed allows the dog to stretch and provides ample space for a dog to sleep in a position it is most comfortable in.

The round pet bed looks like a very big flat pillow which looks good enough as part of the home furniture when your dog is not there. Dog owners can choose from the many different materials like micro velvet to faux suede. Adventurous dog owners who are seeking for something different can opt for covers with cute paw prints which are on sale at

Made from such soft material, these round dog beds will create a piece of heaven on earth for each dog. The round beds featured on will definitely grab the attention of any dog owners serious on pampering their furry pals. They are available in different sizes from extra small (19 inches) to extra large (30 inches). Choosing the right bed size for dogs can be very simple. The size is determined by adding 5 inches to the length of the dog when he or she is in the sleeping position (curled up). That way, there will be enough area for the dog to stretch and roll.

However, if dog owners are looking for a bed with a good price tag, features some very affordable prices for round dog beds from prices as low as $56.99 for the extra large sizes. Investing in a round dog bed is never a bad idea as a good bed will ensure your dog will grow healthy, in addition to reducing the dogs’ risks of suffering from arthritis or any other injuries from sleeping in multiple areas of your house.

Most round beds come with removable covers so they can easily be washed at anytime. Some round beds also come with antibacterial inner lining. A proper dog bed will help prevent the dog from wetting other parts of the house as they now have their own comfort zone. Should the dog wets his or her bed, all that is needed to be done is to remove the cover and wash it. The covers are usually made of easy-to-dry fabrics that can be easily cleaned.

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Pamper Your Pooch With A Snuggle Dog Bed | Dog Beds For You


Different dogs like to sleep in different positions, which is why no single dog bed can be ideal for all dog breeds. While some dogs prefer to stretch out and sleep, there are others that would rather burrow into their beds. While some dogs just love to sleep spread eagled on their beds, there are those that want the comfort that snuggling provides them with. If your dog too is the type who loves to simply cuddle up and sleep, then a Snuggle Dog Bed is the perfect choice.

As the name suggests, Snuggle dog beds are made specifically for those dogs that love to dig deep into their beds and sleep in the curled up position. In this position, some dogs find comfort and feel more secure than if they were to sleep stretched out. However, many dog beds do not allow dogs to cuddle up and sleep, simply because the design and styling of the dog bed does not enable snuggling. However, with a Snuggle type bed, you will never face such problems. In fact, the only problem that you’re likely to face is that your pet may refuse to budge from its bed!

Although there are many different types of Snuggle pet beds available to choose from, the main feature of these dog beds is that they have soft walls around the bed which allow your pooch to burrow into the bed. And since your pet will then be surrounded by the bed walls, it will feel extremely safe, secure and comfortable.

Here is our featured Snuggle Dog Bed that has proved to be very popular with dog breeds that like to cuddle.

The Haute Pooch Reversible Dog Bed

This bed is the ultimate in snuggling luxury for most breeds of dogs. It features not just one, two, or three cushions, but four full cushions that are soft and luxurious. So essentially, it is not just a single dog bed, but is actually four different beds combined to make a super duper deluxe dog bed. This Snuggle bed can be reversed so that you can get different looks if you so wish. It also features a tufted seat cushion that can be removed and is fully portable. The raised walls all around the bed add to the comfort factor and provide an ideal place for snuggling.

Other beds that are very popular are Snuggle Donut Bed, Haute Pooch Hooded Bed, and Big Shrimpy Nest Bed. Irrespective of which Snuggle dog bed you choose, your dog is sure to feel like one pampered pooch!

Factors To Consider In Buying Dog Ramps | Dog Beds For You

Was there ever a time when you had backaches trying to carry your heavy dog onto your bed? Or, do you feel a tinge of pity whenever you see your prized pooch, already of old age, having a hard time getting into your car on your way to a summer getaway?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you are just one of the many dog owners out there who are experiencing such dilemmas. You see, being in such situations is definitely hard on your part, more so if you really love your dog so much. If you can’t bear the sight of your dog helplessly trying to step onto your bed and if you don’t want to be burdened by carrying your pet, you can actually have your pet use dog steps. Such products are suitable aids for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, arthritis, old age, or even for overweight or significantly small dogs that just cannot reach places like couches, beds, cars, or trucks.

However, the bottom line in having dog steps is their purpose on your pet’s everyday activities. As such, it is important that you take note of the factors that should be considered when buying dog steps. Here are some pointers for you to remember:

1. The height of the steps should be appropriate. Remember that dog steps are meant to help your pet reach certain high places. As such, you should be choosy when it comes to the over-all dimensions of the stairs. Be guided by the following when choosing the appropriate width and height of the stairs perfect for your dog.

Width: 12 inches: for extra small and small dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds 14 inches: for medium dogs that weigh less than 35 pounds

16 inches: for large, extra large, and dogs that weigh 200 pounds or more

between ten and 14 inches: used in couches, chairs, low windows, cars, vans, trucks, or SUVs between 17 and 29 inches: used to set a height parallel to beds or high window ledges

2. The materials should be of good quality, if not of premium ones. Remember that you should get your money’s worth and your dog should really benefit from the product. Learn more about the materials of the stairs before actually having your pet use them. For instance, the wood used should be of the durable type and the treads should be covered with equally-durable carpet or upholstery. More importantly, keep in mind that the stairs should provide years of service to your dog and not merely going to stand for a short period of time.

3. The dog stairs or steps should be easy to use, lightweight, washable, and portable. Go for the type that you can assemble within seconds or minutes, and can be carried anywhere you go. The steps should be lightweight enough so as not to pose as a burden on your part. Take note that some dog steps have optional wheels or handles which make them highly convenient to use. In the same manner, the steps should be easy to clean. Moreover, check out if they have extra storage compartments. See if the treads can actually be lifted or opened into a storage space or try to look for hinges on the steps that actually make for drawer-type storage areas on the stairs. You can use such compartments for keeping collars, toys, brushes, and other accessories.

Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds Unveils New Extra Small Cuddler Pet Bed | Dog Beds For You

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Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds Unveils New Extra Small Cuddler Pet Bed – 5 Year Anniversary and A New Website


Lake Tahoe, CA (PRWEB) June 22, 2009

Dog Dog Cat today announced the launch of a new and improved website, Dog Dog Cat Pet Supplies dedicated to providing clients the finest pet supplies to keep your furry friends healthy, happy and stylish.

In honor of the 5 year anniversary, Dog.Dog.Cat revamped the website and added a lot of new features, including Search by Breed, Shop by Category and Pet Product Videos, Read more on – 5 Year Anniversary and A New Website… – New Search Results for Pet Friendly Hotels

How to Create a Positive Thanksgiving Experience for Your Pets


How to Create a Positive Thanksgiving Experience for Your Pets Pet Lifestyle Expert & TV Personality Dara Foster Joins PETCO for tips to Create a Happy Holiday

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Pet Tips: Getting Ready For Winter And Indoors


Family Time: Paw-friendly tips for a fresh home and a healthy pet After a few months of oscillating between indoor and outdoor living, it’s time to prepare pets for cold weather and residing in closed quarters. To make sure your home is fresh and clean through the seasonal transition and that pets stay healthy and odor-free, consider these tips.

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The Sturdy & Comfy Country Hammock Pet Bed

Country Hammock Bed

No matter how luxurious and comfortable your bed is; the feeling of sleeping or relaxing in a hammock is just something else, isn’t it? Swaying gently in a hammock with not a care in the world, that’s something you have to experience to believe. Well, now your beloved pet can revel in that feeling too with the Country Hammock Pet Bed. Read more on The Sturdy & Comfy Country Hammock Pet Bed…

The Inflatable Kodiak Insulated Dog House and Bed

FIRSTRAX, which is an industry leader in the manufacture of quality pet products, has outdone itself this time. Yes, with the launch of their latest pet bed known as the Kodiak Insulated Dog House and Bed, the company has proved once again that as far as innovative pet products go, they are definitely amongst the leaders. Read more on The Inflatable Kodiak Insulated Dog House and Bed…

Let Your Pet Enjoy The Fatboy Doggie Lounge Bed

As a dog lover and pet owner, I try and do whatever I can to ensure that my favorite pet is comfortable and feels loved. To that end, I constantly find myself looking through different types of pet beds to find the most comfortable one for my dog. And in doing so, I came across the Doggie Lounge Bed. Read more on Let Your Pet Enjoy The Fatboy Doggie Lounge Bed…


Dog Gone Smart Pet Products will debut the world’s first-ever completely biodegradable* pet bed and crate pad, its innovative new line of Dog Gone Smart⢠nanotechnology-based line of collars, leashes, and harnesses, and new Dog Gone Smart⢠HorseWear saddle pad at Superzoo, September 14 through 16, booth #1920, Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

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Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Debuts World’s First Completely Biodegradable Pet Bed, and Its Innovative Line of …

Let Your Doggie Nestle With The PetMate Burrow Dog Bed

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