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Month: August 2010

Styling With The Juicy Couture Dog Bed

The Juicy Couture dog bed is the ultimate in glamorous and stylish dog beds for your favorite pets. If you’ve got a picky pet who won’t just sleep on any old pillow bed or who refuses to curl up on any old rug, then the Juicy Couture dog bed seems to be the perfect choice for your discerning pet!

I knew that the Juicy Couture brand was famous for its clothes, accessories, jewelry, and beauty products for men, women, and kids alike; but imagine my surprise when I learnt that they have a fabulous dog bed for your furry friend too! Their tufted dog bed features black piping and gunmetal studs, as well as a comfy pillow made from faux fur. It also has place for a signature crest on the front of the dog bed. The Juicy Couture dog bed is thus undoubtedly a very unique place for your pet to curl up in!

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Sweet Dreams Pillow For Your Dog

Have you thought of getting your doggie his very own pillow? The Kyjen Company has designed the Sweet Dreams pet pillow for the ultimate in comfort for your resting pet.

Features include:

 ♦ It’s made of a soft, scent-retaining fabric.

 ♦ It can be used at home or on the road, and perfecty complements a dog bed.

 ♦ It has a contoured design to allow for different sleeping positions, and includes a head rest to alleviate pressure on your dog’s head.

This dog pillow is especially beneficial for older pets, who may get strained from sleeping on hard floors.

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The Nest Dog Bed From Big Shrimpy

There are some dogs that like to sleep flat on their backs, whereas some like to be sprawled on all their fours, while some others like to curl up and sleep. Well, if your pet is the type that likes to curl up while sleeping, then the Big Shrimpy Nest Dog Bed is the perfect bed for your pet.

Big Shrimpy, the manufacturers of this particular dog bed claim that the bed is built in such a way that it will last you practically forever. And this claim is not an empty one but is also backed by their 3 year limited warranty for the pet bed. Most beds have removable and washable covers but this dog bed can be washed completely. Yes, each and every part of this bed can be washed, right from the covers, to the lining, to the bolsters, as well as the bed filling. So, if your Big Shrimpy Nest dog bed starts to look too dirty, you can simply wash it and make it look like new!


Contact: Email: Phone: 206.297.7918

Fax: 206.297.9600

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Try A Pewter Finish Dog Bed

A pewter dog bed is a great way to pamper your pet and at the same time, add a pleasing element to your home interiors. Very often, even high end dog beds may end up looking like an eyesore amidst your home décor. They may be extremely comfy for your pet, but terrible to look at. Well, if that’s a genuine concern you are facing, then a pewter dog bed is the perfect solution for you. Now bear in mind that this not made of pewter, the metal (frankly, we think this pet bed is somewhat oddly named).

A very stylish pewter dog bed that we have come across is the Jax and Bones Pewter pop dog bed. The Jax and Bones pewter dog bed is a classy pillow and is available in different shapes such as round, square, or rectangle. It is a 100% washable dog bed, which means you can maintain the hygiene of your pet’s bed as well as your home. Absolutely the best fabrics are used to make this dog bed, which not only make the bed very comfortable for your pet, but the pewter finish also provides a beautiful accent for your house.



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