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Month: March 2010

Magnetic Dod Beds | Magnetic Pet Bed

The theory on the way magnetic therapy works on your dogs is quite simple. Magnetism increases blood circulation on the areas where pain occurs, hence forcing blood to flow through a magnetic field. The heat produced from this process would increase the flow of oxygen to the affected area which helps to speed up the healing process.

Realizing the therapeutic benefits of magnetism, many dog bed manufacturers are incorporating magnetic pads into their beds. Magnetic beds have the potential to speed up the recovery of sore backs, bruises, swells and muscle damages. These beds are also ideal for dogs who are suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Over at, you will be able to find the Orthopedic Magnetic pet beds that increase the dog’s melatonin production. The release of this hormone will help reduce the dogs’ pain if he or she is suffering from any injuries.      

Check out websites like, , or to view the different magnetic dog beds available in the market. Amarillo and Magna-Mat do offer a good range of magnetic beds that help reduce pain of dogs suffering from arthritis.

In terms of the design of magnetic beds, they are pretty much the same. Magnetic buttons are sandwiched between layers of foams. Such magnetic buttons are positioneed strategically to enable the user to enjoy the maximum benefits from magnetic therapy.      

Many dog owners may assume that magnetic dog beds are heavy and therefore be somewhat difficult to move around. This is not entirely true as magnetic beds are usually pads, which can be placed on the floor, in crates, on your couch or even on the car seat.

Before buying a magnetic bed, it would be wise to check out the gauss rating of the magnets inserted into the beds. Higher gauss ratings indicate deeper magnetic penetration into your dog’s body. For higher gauss rated magnetic beds, you can try the Polar Power dog beds, each of which contains biomagnets measuring 3,950 gauss each. Also, the number of biomagnets varies according to the size of the bed. For example, the smaller beds are fitted with around 20 biomagnets, while large ones come with 40 biomagnets. With the additional biomagnets in larger beds, even large dogs are able to experience the benefits of magnetic therapy.

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Dog Couch Beds | Pet Couches

After a hard day’s work, there is nothing more relaxing than throwing yourself onto the couch in front of the TV. Sadly, this simple pleasure may turn into a nightmare if your dog starts occupying more space than you. What your dog needs would probably be his own dog couch bed.

Pet couch beds are perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes. However, large dogs will love the comfort these beds provide as the open front section allows easy access. Most couch beds come with overstuffed side pillows or bolsters so your dog can cuddle to sleep. These side-bolsters or pillows are also detachable for easy washing.      

dog-couch-5514581, 1626169982Ultimately, what determines the quality of a dog bed is the filling of the bed. At, the Beasley’s couch bed and Infinity bolster bed seem to steal the hearts of many dog owners due to the products’ superior quality and greater comfort levels. The Beasley’s couch bed is filled with Hypro-loft fibers while the Infinity Bolster dog bed is filled with high-loft silk polyester. These fillings have the potential to retain its loft to give your dogs the most comfortable surface to sleep on.


Dog couches are very attractive and look good at almost any corner of your house. With so many designs to choose from, one can certainly find a dog couch bed that will blend in perfectly with the home decor. If you are looking for a chic and classy couch bed then the Bowser Double Donut bed (, will certainly melt your heart.  The soft and breathable micro-velvet that covers the bed looks good to and feels soft on the fingers too. The luxurious fabric also has the ability to repel pet hair, dirt and moisture.      

If you are the type who constantly demands for refreshing looks, then get your dog a reversible lounger like the one on This couch bed allows you to flip the bed inside out so you can get a new look all the time.

      In addition, most of the couch shaped dog beds have orthopedic benefits. Beds like Beasley’s couch and Bowser’s Double D Platinum bed come with “egg-crate” shaped foam bottoms that help reduce pressure points and ease the discomfort of arthritic dogs.       If you think a pet couch bed lacks the warmth and security your dog needs, then get the Infinity Cuddler as this bed has higher sides therefore your dog will feel more protected sleeping on this bed. This bed is also great for puppies.      

Finally, couch beds are not just eye candy; they do serve many other functions as well.  The next time when you laze on your couch, you are can be confident that your dog is enjoying the same level of comfort as you do.

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Fleece Dog & Pet Beds

If you live in a place where temperatures are known to drop to sub zero, it can be very difficult indeed to keep your pet dog warm. In fact, winter time in most places can be really hard on pets as it can become too cold for them to bear. Even if your dog has a very thick coat of fur, do not make the mistake of thinking that it is enough to keep it warm. You should think about getting your pet a warm bed such as a fleece dog bed.

Heated dog beds with their thermal regulators are great for keeping your pet warm and cozy. However, such beds can be very expensive to buy and may not be affordable by all. In such situations, a cost effective alternative is available in fleece dog beds.

Fleece Dod Bed Benefits And Styles

fleece-dog-bed-4876426, 1626169981Beds which have a fleece cover and fleece fillings are not only very comfortable for your pet, but more importantly can keep your dog from getting too cold. Old and arthritic dogs have more problems when it is cold as their joints pain a lot worse. The only way to relieve their pain is to ensure that they are kept warm at all times. This is where fleece dog beds can be extremely useful.

Fleece pet beds are available in many different styles and sizes. If you have a large dog that loves to sprawl out and sleep, you can choose a fleece sleeper in the largest size. Such a bed will give your pet all the room that it wants and the fleece material will protect it from the cold. You could even buy a fleece blanket to cover your pet with if need be.

Donut fleece beds, fleece bolster dog beds, and fleece sacks are great options for smaller dogs and those that love to sleep curled up. There are different sizes of fleece crate beds and fleece mattresses available which are ideal for placing inside a dog crate or a doggie house. Portable fleece sleepers are the best option for a comfortable bed when going on trips with your pet.

Thus, regardless of whether you have a small dog or a big dog, you can get fleece dog beds to suit all breeds of dogs. The best place to shop for such beds is on the Internet as you get a great variety and good prices.,, and are some great websites to begin your shopping for fleece dog beds.

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Leather Dog Beds | Faux Leather Pet Bed

Leather dog beds are definitely the cream of the crop in terms of style and durability. Simple yet elegant, a leather dog bed helps to complement your home furniture, while offering luxurious comfort to your four-legged friend. In fact, the growing popularity of leather beds for dogs has motivated many bed makers to introduce more chic and modern designs.

Leather pet beds such as the Orvis fine Italian leather bed are fitted with durable acrylic fabric bottom and hypoallergenic polyfil lining for odor prevention. With supreme polyfil within and fine crafted genuine leather externally, it is of no surprise that this bed is the ultimate piece of heaven for your dog. Indeed, if you check it out at, you are bound to fall in love with its gorgeous design.      

If you seriously love the design of a leather bed, but believe that your dog may not like it is much, you could opt for sherpa-covered foam sleeping surfaces instead. This way, your dog will love you for the comfort he gets and you will love yourself even more for enhancing the unique decoration of your home.

An alternative to leather dog beds would be those made of faux leather. Other than being relatively cheaper than genuine leather beds, they look just as good as the genuine leather ones. Bowser’s faux leather Armadillo Bolstered Square bed found at or, includes stuffed bolstered sides to give your dog that extra comfort he deserves. Filled with 100 % polyester fiber, this bed definitely provides the right surface for your dog to roll, curl, sleep or stretch anyway he wants to. Also, the cover of the inside cushion are zippered for easy removal and washing.      

There some dog owners who may just love buckskin leather dog beds. This type of leather, the skin of a male deer, is very much favored as it is much softer as compared to other types of leather. If you love buckskin leather beds then they are worth checking out at or


Finally, leather beds are ultimately tough beds made for tough dogs. With these beds chew-proof and tear resistant, there is no worry about buying a new bed again, no matter how your dog misbehaves. Many dog owners simply love the durability of a leather bed, as they know that a little investment in a leather bed can go a long way.

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Boutiques are A Dog's Best Friend

More so today than ever before, people are lavishing their dogs with items from a dog boutique.  In recent years, people have begun pampering their pooches more than ever with a wide range of products developed just for dogs and their owners and these items are often found at high end stores instead of the local pet shop.  From custom dog beds to handmade clothing, from rhinestone colors to dog carriers, pet owners are searching for the best possible products for their dogs. 

Whether you own a small or large dog, you’re bound to find something that you would love to purchase for your pampered pooch at a dog boutique.  Custom made items are quite popular these days, with many people searching out companies online and in their local markets who can make sumptuous products just for them.  The unique benefit to shopping at a high-end pet store is in the wide variety of services offered.  Since many products catered specifically for these high end dogs are hand made, it can be hard to find them in one place.  In a world where people are increasingly treating their pets like children, dog boutiques have a unique place in the market and pet owners are thankful.

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