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Burrow Dog Beds & Pet Beds

It is pointless buying your dog a bed, which suit your needs and taste perfectly if your dog refuses to spend even a second on the bed. Therefore, it is important that you understand your dogs’ need before buying a dog bed. Some dogs especially the young ones are timid and often feel insecure sleeping on an open bed like a pillow bed. Most of the times, they enjoy the comfort of snuggling into the sheets or just simply hide under sheets of cloth. If your dog belongs to the shy and timid type, then getting a burrow dog bed seems to be the ultimate choice to allow your furry pal to continue enjoying the coziness of hiding in between sheets in the comfort of his very own bed.

The Petmate Burrow bed and the Cozy Cave bed are among some of the burrow dog beds available in the market. Your dogs will feel utmost comfortable delving into the hoods on these beds. The inner covers of the hoods are made from soft and warm materials like sheepskin and faux lambs’ wool to provide your dogs the warmth they need when they are snuggle up in the hoods. Also, most burrow dog beds are machine washable so there is nothing much to worry about when it comes to cleaning up the bed.

If you have a puppy, you will definitely fall in love with the cute and dainty slipper dog bed on. Available in pastel colors like pink and baby blue, the burrow bed’s shape is almost like a giant slipper. It has a canopy top for your puppies to snuggle. In addition, the internal part of this canopy top is made of textured Berber to keep your puppy warm and cozy. The inner cushion of this bed is reversible so you can choose to use either the plush side or the Berber side according to the weather and your puppy’s needs. On top of all these great features, the bed also comes with a “princess logo” sewn onto its pink plush exterior. With this, you little best friend will feel like a princess sleeping in such pretty burrow bed. Similarly, the baby blue version for male puppies comes with the “prince logo” instead.

Also, if you check out Orvis burrow dog beds, you will find burrow dog beds with suede micro fiber exteriors and plush Berber fleece interiors. Additionally, with hypoallergenic polyfil linings for these beds, you can be sure that your dog will stay healthy and cozy with a bed like this.

Finally, if your smaller dogs or puppies do not sleep well, then the problem most probably lies in the exposure of their bed. Do your dog a favor by helping him or her sleep soundly and comfortably in a burrow dog bed. Your dog will love you for the security and warmth they get from such beds.

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Michael Vick Jerseys – Great Dog Pillows?

Michael Vick Jerseys Make Great Dog Bedding

WSB-TV in Atlanta is reporting some new uses for Michael Vick football jerseys. The Atlanta Humane Society has been receiving quite a few Vick Jerseys. Vick, I’m sure you know, is the NFL player, a part of the Atlanta Falcons team, who has been accused of being involved in brutal dog fighting matches.

Folks at AHS have been using the jerseys for various things such as cleaning and even dog bedding. Look at this pooch who seems to enjoy his Vick jersey as a doggie pillow!

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Senior Dog Beds | Beds For Old Pets

Age is among the issues that even dogs have to face. However, unlike humans, they may simply shrug their shoulders on the idea and just let the years pass on them. As such, dog owners should take note of the changes that occur on their dogs once they reach the old age. And among the conflicts that should be solved when the right time comes is the proper bed wherein the dog can just settle and have a nice sleep or a relaxing time.

It is safe to say that with old age comes problems like difficulty in sleeping. There is nothing more heart-wrenching than seeing your old dog having a hard time sleeping during cold weather because of its aching limbs and joints. Or maybe, there were times when you notice your dog irritated by the hot summer weather.

Senior dogs should have a bed that will address their sleeping problems. Senior dog beds, like orthopedic, cooler, or heated beds, are the perfect beds. But what features should you look for on these bed types? Ideally, these are some of the most salient points that a senior dog bed should have:

1. It should provide maximum comfort. Remember that senior dogs tend to suffer from joint pains and injuries more often than the younger ones. Hence, they need to have a bed that will support their body and invite a relaxing environment. In this regard, look for beds that have a special foam that can ably provide added cushion ideal for dogs suffering from body and joint pains.

To give you an idea, orthopedic and heated dog beds generally have firm foams that distribute your dog’s body pressure unlike bed fillings made of cedar chips. Depending on your location and the type of weather on your are, there is a bed that will meet your pet’s comfort requirements.

2. It should be moisture-resistant. Dogs, whether old or not, don’t prefer sleeping on wet or cold surfaces. You should, thus, look for the bed that is waterproof and moisture-resistant as it can protect your dog from getting sick or restless. Check out also if the materials are of high quality – from the foam, to the bed frame, down to the cover, threads, and zippers. This will guarantee that your dog will enjoy its bed’s comfort for a long time.

3. It should be make the cleaning easy for you. Look for beds that have removable or machine washable covers. This will provide for easy cleaning especially when the covers or bed sheets get spoiled. Remember that a regularly-washed bed will promote your dog’s health and will last longer than those that are washed only occasionally.

4. It should offer protection and conserve your dog’s body heat. Your dog should be secured on his bed and not develop diseases or complications with old age on his own bed due to the inappropriate temperature that it promotes. Thus, examine the bed thoroughly. An ideal dog bed’s padding that supports your senior dog’s physical needs. Make sure that the bed is slightly elevated as this type of bed generally conserves heat and serve as protection to your old dog from getting its feet onto floor drafts.

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Snuggle Dog Beds | Pet Bed | Haute Pooch

Different dogs like to sleep in different positions, which is why no single dog bed can be ideal for all dog breeds. While some dogs prefer to stretch out and sleep, there are others that would rather burrow into their beds. While some dogs just love to sleep spread eagled on their beds, there are those that want the comfort that snuggling provides them with. If your dog too is the type who loves to simply cuddle up and sleep, then a Snuggle Dog Bed is the perfect choice.

As the name suggests, Snuggle dog beds are made specifically for those dogs that love to dig deep into their beds and sleep in the curled up position. In this position, some dogs find comfort and feel more secure than if they were to sleep stretched out. However, many dog beds do not allow dogs to cuddle up and sleep, simply because the design and styling of the dog bed does not enable snuggling. However, with a Snuggle type bed, you will never face such problems. In fact, the only problem that you’re likely to face is that your pet may refuse to budge from its bed!

Although there are many different types of Snuggle pet beds available to choose from, the main feature of these dog beds is that they have soft walls around the bed which allow your pooch to burrow into the bed. And since your pet will then be surrounded by the bed walls, it will feel extremely safe, secure and comfortable.

Here is our featured Snuggle Dog Bed that has proved to be very popular with dog breeds that like to cuddle.

The Haute Pooch Reversible Dog Bed

This bed is the ultimate in snuggling luxury for most breeds of dogs. It features not just one, two, or three cushions, but four full cushions that are soft and luxurious. So essentially, it is not just a single dog bed, but is actually four different beds combined to make a super duper deluxe dog bed. This Snuggle bed can be reversed so that you can get different looks if you so wish. It also features a tufted seat cushion that can be removed and is fully portable. The raised walls all around the bed add to the comfort factor and provide an ideal place for snuggling.

Other beds that are very popular are Snuggle Donut Bed, Haute Pooch Hooded Bed, and Big Shrimpy Nest Bed. Irrespective of which Snuggle dog bed you choose, your dog is sure to feel like one pampered pooch!

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Sweet Dreams Pillow For Your Dog

Have you thought of getting your doggie his very own pillow? The Kyjen Company has designed the Sweet Dreams pet pillow for the ultimate in comfort for your resting pet.

Features include:

 ♦ It’s made of a soft, scent-retaining fabric.

 ♦ It can be used at home or on the road, and perfecty complements a dog bed.

 ♦ It has a contoured design to allow for different sleeping positions, and includes a head rest to alleviate pressure on your dog’s head.

This dog pillow is especially beneficial for older pets, who may get strained from sleeping on hard floors.

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BedPals – A Pet Bed and Car Seat Combo

bed-pals-4773432, 1626169860(From PRWeb) Dalida Maserejian from My Lucky Dog was inspired by her dog Princess to start creating dog beds, so she did. However, these cute and mostly animal-shaped beds also double as car seats for pets.

The unique dog beds are called BedPalsTM, and not only are they comfortable and cozy, but they’re easy to take on the road. The incuded adjustable safety strap makes it easy to attach the bed to a car seat belt.

Currently, there are seven designs available:

  • Dixxy the Cat
  • Matty the Monkey
  • Pretty Princess
  • Hugo the Dog
  • Patrick the Panda
  • Roar the Lion
  • Fabian the Frog

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Thinking Of Buying A Dog Ramp?

Dog ramps are arguably among the most useful implements that you could provide for your prized caning friend. In fact, it is highly necessary for you to have one especially if your dog has difficulty climbing the stairs of your house, jumping into your car, or getting onto your bed. This happens when your dog is already of old age, nursing an injury, physically-challenged, too big or heavy to climb on any surface, or too small to reach a high place.

For the most part, dog ramps do not only aid your dogs passage from one point to another — either climbing up or going down — they also help your pet avoid injuries from constant or habitual running or jumping up and down on any high surface. This is because dog ramps require your dog to exert less energy and effort in climbing or walking toward their point of direction. This concept, as you may well observe, is naturally based on the law of physics. But to help you understand more about the importance of having dog ramps, here are some of the most important points that you should keep an eye onto:

  1. The materials used for the ramp should be durable and of high quality. As a general rule, these materials should be made of only the finest, sturdiest, most durable materials that can ably support the weight of your dog (preferably twice your pet’s weight) as well as provide years of service.
  2. The dog ramp should be washable. You should have more time playing with your dog and spending quality time with it, and not spending all day cleaning the ramp. Besides, the easy-clean feature of the ramp will aid you in keeping it safe from any harmful bacteria from the dirt and other refuse left on its surface whenever your dog walk on it.
  3. The ramp should be easy to assemble and utilize. If the ramp takes you hours just to figure out how to get it ready for use, just forget about it. You don’t want to spend too much time on something that will just drain your energy without it providing immediate benefit.
  4. In all ways, the dog ramp should prove to be safe and stable. It should allow for good traction to prevent slips or accidents.
  5. The dog ramp must be portable or foldable. The key here is mobility. As such, the ramp should allow you to move or carry it from one place to another. You should not be burdened carrying a complex ramp that consumes too much space and gives you a headache in figuring out where to put the contraption. In this case, a telescoping ramp will do the trick.
  6. The dog ramp must be lightweight. You are, in the first place, planning to buy a ramp so you won’t anymore experience backaches caused by carrying your dog on different places. Thus, go for the type that weighs light enough for easy handling.

Ideally, there are already various makes of dog ramps available in the market. You can choose from plastic, aluminum, wood, PVC-framed, or combination types. All you have to consider, besides the above-mentioned points, is the place wherein the ramp will be mostly used.

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Keep Your Dog From Sleeping On Your Bed

Dogs naturally find the scent of their owners irresistible, and they will find ways to get close to their masters whenever possible. One of their resorts is to lick their owners’ feet or face when the latter comes home from work. Others will just brush their body against their masters. But there are dogs that go beyond these physical manifestations in order to show their affection: they jump at every chance of sleeping on their owners’ beds.

Most people, especially those who never own a pet, will probably find the idea of sharing their bed with their pet a disgusting one. They may reason out that their beds are not for dogs, and that the latter should have a sleeping place of their own. Others, however, may argue that having their dogs beside them is therapeutic and relaxing. Whatever the arguments may be, having dogs doze off beside humans certainly has its ups and downs.

Now, if it is impossible for you to stop your dog from sleeping with you, you can just face the situation head on. Here are some tips that you may employ when your dog tries to sleep with you:

Put extra blankets over your bedding. Though the general rule is to never allow your pooch to sleep with you on your own bed or couch, you may simply place another bedsheet or blanket aside from your original bedding. This will avoid your bedding and you to smell like your dog especially when it relieves itself. This will also prevent your dog’s mites, ticks, or fleas from sticking on the beddings.

Put a divider between you and your dog. Here, a pillow will do the trick. Simply put the pillow between your pooch and you. This is to avoid your dog’s ticks and fleas to get their way into you.

Show your dog who’s boss. Remember that dogs tend to be dominant or aggressive. You sure won’t allow yourself to end up as a stranger on your own kingdom, which is your bed, of course. When your dog starts to occupy the spot that belongs to you, reassert your position. You may opt to banish it to its original place of sleep. When the effort won’t work, go for the ultimatum: physically carry your dog off your bed.

Keep in mind that your bed belongs to you. This, your pet will understand if you provide it with a bed of its own. But do not place this bed or couch in your bedroom as this may encourage the dog to transfer to your bed when it wants to. Moreover, help your pet make it a habit to ask for your permission if it wants to sleep on your bed. This it can do by doing small favors for you before your actual calling it to sleep on your bed.

Whichever of these tips you will adopt, remember that having your dog doze off beside you is not a bad idea after all. However, you should be sensible enough to set the rules before your dog gets too pampered and thus forget that you are after all, the king of the house.

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eMattress Offers Pet Beds With Wool Covers

The folks at eMattress, the online distribution arm of bedding maker WCW Inc, have been offering a premium line of mattresses with wool covers for some time now.

Figuring that what’s good for people is good for pets too, they’ve now created premium pet beds with wool covers, available at the website. The covers are made from pure virgin Australian wool, which is hypoallergenic, hygienic, very comfortable for a pet and easy to wash. (more…)

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New In Australia – Petzone Plus Heated Companion Dog Beds

Thermozone, an Australian maker and distributor of heating and cooling products, has announced its new line of Petzone Plus Heated Companion dog beds. The product range will initially be available in Australia and New Zealand, at pet supply stores and on the Petzone online store.

 This line of heated pet beds is designed for dogs and cats alike, and will provide therapeutic benefits, especially when it is cold and wet outside. When it’s warmer, the bed can be turned over for a cooling effect.

Safety and comfort were key considerations in the design. A built-in thermostat, part of the Pet Sense thermal control system, makes sure that the heat is evenly distributed, and  a thermal fuse disables the power in case of problems.

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Is Your Dog Suffering From Arthritis? Get Him A Buddy Bed

Is your beloved pet suffering from arthritis? It can often be hard to tell, but here are some common symptoms:

  • General stiffness, whether at rest or after activity.
  • Slow movements and difficulty in running.
  • Troubles with climbing and jumping. (more…)

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BedPals – A Pet Bed and Car Seat Combo

bed-pals-4382976, 1626169849(From PRWeb) Dalida Maserejian from My Lucky Dog was inspired by her dog Princess to start creating dog beds, so she did. However, these cute and mostly animal-shaped beds also double as car seats for pets.

The unique dog beds are called BedPalsTM, and not only are they comfortable and cozy, but they’re easy to take on the road. The incuded adjustable safety strap makes it easy to attach the bed to a car seat belt. (more…)

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Dog Bed Spotlight At Dog Art Today

Dog Art Today is  a rather unique site. In their words, they are “devoted to daily dog art from around the world. Features include contemporary dog art, the history of dogs in art, dog art auctions, books, posters, fashion and decor.”

Of particular interest to us is the “decor” part. (more…)

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Like Dogs & Wine? Get A Wine Crate Bed

wine-crate-dog-bed-4036185, 1626169852Do you love wine and dogs? I know I do! There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting back with a nice glass of Pinot Noir and my little spaniel Rex on my lap…

Well, now you can combine your two loves. The good folks at Whiner and Diner started out with making dog feeders and bowls from recycled wine crates. Good wines from California and Europe, no swill here… (more…)

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Crafty Daisies’ DIY Dog Bed

crafty-daisy-inexpensive-dog-bed-7006475, 1626169855I know that we usually showcase dog beds that you would buy, but with a little of creativity, you can make your own and not break the bank in the process.

That’s just what Candace from Crafty Daisies did. She had bought her pug, Jaxon, a dog bed which he definitely did not care for. Instead of going out and buying another bed that he might not like, she figured she would just create one herself. (more…)

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Welcome To The Dog Beds For You Blog

welcome-5510070, 1626169856Here’s the start of our blog. It’s a little daunting, since we never blogged much before. We’ll do our best….

In the coming weeks, months and years, we’re hoping to keep you up-to-date on the latest in dog beds, furniture, accessories, sleep and rest issues and anything else that we might think makes sense for you to know about to keep your pooch comfy.

Our goal is to keep the blog updated pretty regularly – at least a couple of times a week. We want to give you enough useful info and tips without constantly annoying you.

Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed so that you won’t miss any titbit!


-The Team

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Dog Bed Frames | Pet Bed Frame

Many dog owners choose to buy a simple dog mat, oversized cushion, or a dog mattress and use that as a dog bed. But most dogs do not take to such dog beds as they still prefer to curl up on yours! The only thing that will get your loving pet off your bed is a bed of its own, and that can easily be achieved by buying a quality dog bed frame. And the good news is that the dog mat, cushion, or mattress that you are currently using can conveniently be placed on the dog bed frame and voila! your dog has its own special bed.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a dog bed frame:

1. Size of the dog mattress: If you already have a mattress or a dog mat that your dog loves, you need to measure it and then choose a  frame that will accommodate the mattress perfectly. The mattress should fit in the frame without getting squeezed around the sides. Once the mattress is in place, there should be no space left on the bed base. If that happens, you need to look for a bigger dog bed frame.

2. Weight of your dog: The dog bed frame that you choose should be strong enough to support the weight of your pet. While most bed frames will easily take the weight of small dogs, it is the larger breeds of dogs that should be weighed before buying a dog bed frame for them.

3. Raised or floor design: You can either choose a frame that rests on the ground or one that is raised off the ground. For older dogs it is better to choose a frame that rests on the floor so that they do not have difficulty getting in and out of their bed. Raised frame designs are ideal if you live in a cold climate so that your pet is kept off the cold floor. It is also good for those dogs that suffer from ticks or fleas as sleeping off the ground will help to break the flea cycle.

Pet bed frames come is many different materials such as aluminum, wrought iron, PVC, wood and wicker. Depending on the strength, durability, weight bearing capacity, and ease of cleaning that you desire, you can choose a dog bed frame accordingly. And if you really want to spoil your little darling, you can also choose a pet bed frame with a canopy! 

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