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Month: July 2008


eMattress Offers Pet Beds With Wool Covers

The folks at eMattress, the online distribution arm of bedding maker WCW Inc, have been offering a premium line of mattresses with wool covers for some time now.

Figuring that what’s good for people is good for pets too, they’ve now created premium pet beds with wool covers, available at the website. The covers are made from pure virgin Australian wool, which is hypoallergenic, hygienic, very comfortable for a pet and easy to wash. (more…)

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New In Australia – Petzone Plus Heated Companion Dog Beds

Thermozone, an Australian maker and distributor of heating and cooling products, has announced its new line of Petzone Plus Heated Companion dog beds. The product range will initially be available in Australia and New Zealand, at pet supply stores and on the Petzone online store.

 This line of heated pet beds is designed for dogs and cats alike, and will provide therapeutic benefits, especially when it is cold and wet outside. When it’s warmer, the bed can be turned over for a cooling effect.

Safety and comfort were key considerations in the design. A built-in thermostat, part of the Pet Sense thermal control system, makes sure that the heat is evenly distributed, and  a thermal fuse disables the power in case of problems.

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Is Your Dog Suffering From Arthritis? Get Him A Buddy Bed

Is your beloved pet suffering from arthritis? It can often be hard to tell, but here are some common symptoms:

  • General stiffness, whether at rest or after activity.
  • Slow movements and difficulty in running.
  • Troubles with climbing and jumping. (more…)

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BedPals – A Pet Bed and Car Seat Combo

bed-pals-7520053, 1626169778(From PRWeb) Dalida Maserejian from My Lucky Dog was inspired by her dog Princess to start creating dog beds, so she did. However, these cute and mostly animal-shaped beds also double as car seats for pets.

The unique dog beds are called BedPalsTM, and not only are they comfortable and cozy, but they’re easy to take on the road. The incuded adjustable safety strap makes it easy to attach the bed to a car seat belt. (more…)

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Dog Bed Spotlight At Dog Art Today

Dog Art Today is  a rather unique site. In their words, they are “devoted to daily dog art from around the world. Features include contemporary dog art, the history of dogs in art, dog art auctions, books, posters, fashion and decor.”

Of particular interest to us is the “decor” part. (more…)

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Like Dogs & Wine? Get A Wine Crate Bed

wine-crate-dog-bed-8394740, 1626169781Do you love wine and dogs? I know I do! There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting back with a nice glass of Pinot Noir and my little spaniel Rex on my lap…

Well, now you can combine your two loves. The good folks at Whiner and Diner started out with making dog feeders and bowls from recycled wine crates. Good wines from California and Europe, no swill here… (more…)

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Crafty Daisies’ DIY Dog Bed

crafty-daisy-inexpensive-dog-bed-1137890, 1626169784I know that we usually showcase dog beds that you would buy, but with a little of creativity, you can make your own and not break the bank in the process.

That’s just what Candace from Crafty Daisies did. She had bought her pug, Jaxon, a dog bed which he definitely did not care for. Instead of going out and buying another bed that he might not like, she figured she would just create one herself. (more…)

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Welcome To The Dog Beds For You Blog

welcome-4413005, 1626169786Here’s the start of our blog. It’s a little daunting, since we never blogged much before. We’ll do our best….

In the coming weeks, months and years, we’re hoping to keep you up-to-date on the latest in dog beds, furniture, accessories, sleep and rest issues and anything else that we might think makes sense for you to know about to keep your pooch comfy.

Our goal is to keep the blog updated pretty regularly – at least a couple of times a week. We want to give you enough useful info and tips without constantly annoying you.

Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed so that you won’t miss any titbit!


-The Team

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Orthopedic Dog & Pet Beds

Arthritis is a common joint problem that many dogs suffer from. If remained untreated, it may lead to complications like hips dysplasia. While many dog owners believe that this problem surfaces on older dogs, but the truth is that arthritis starts even during puppyhood if they are not given proper support during sleep. Wise dogs owners aware of the benefits of an orthopedic dog bed would benefit from getting one for their puppies, and not only when their dogs start suffering from arthritis.

Getting an orthopedic dog bed is not a difficult task as there are a number of beds to choose from these days. Each bed comes with its own special designs to help ease the dog’s pain and discomfort and at the same time provide the dogs with the support they need. Some orthopedic beds for offer “egg crate” bases, which massages the dogs at their stress points and reduce pressure at the dogs’ joints as they sleep therefore help ease the pain and discomfort they suffer from.

What makes a good orthopedic bed is the filling of the bed. Most orthopedic pet beds are filled with foam, which has the ability to conform to the dog’s body. Foam is higher in density and therefore is able to retain its shape. This helps to ensure that your dog does not sleep on a “sunken” bed. At, you are even able to find dog beds that are fitted with a double layer of orthopedic foams, providing extra support to even the larger dogs.      

Innovative bed makers have also invented thermo orthopedic beds to keep the bed surface warm at all times. The heat generated may also help reduce dogs’ pain and discomfort at their joints if they are suffering from arthritis. Dog owners may want to explore such beds at


Size is not a problem when it comes to getting the right bed to accommodate your dog. On, you will be able to find a number of dog beds in various sizes from 20” x12” to 46”x 28”. If convenience is your main concern, then you would certainly be attracted to the orthopedic dog beds featured on as these beds are embedded in a zipper bag hence allowing you to remove the cover for easy washing. Apart from the double layer of foam, the orthopedic dog beds at also come with a cedar base making then more durable.


Frequent travelers will find the orthopedic crate bed appealing as their dogs can sleep comfortably in the luxury of their own crates. Even dogs with arthritis can afford to travel through far journeys with such beds.

Since prevention is always better than cure, get your dog an orthopedic dog bed to help your dog stay away from arthritis, in addition to the comfort and support your pup deserves. For more shopping options, visit: http://www,, and

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Wiggles Dog Wigs

Wigs For Dogs! You Better Believe It…

Wigs for dogs! Has the world gone mad?! No, but I think our pets are being treated more like humans than ever.

Ruth Regina, who has been involved with makeup and hair in the film industry, has come up with Wiggles Dog Wigs. It all started when a friend asked her to make a wig for her pet, and then, as they say, one thing led to another…

The product line, which was officially launched in September of 2007, has created quite some buzz, and she has been featured on David Letterman and the Tonight Show. Many other news crews have come to visit with her.

 The wigs start at $29, and are made from a washable synthetic fiber. Custom made wigs composed of real human hair are also an offering. The wigs have holes for the ears and are adjusted under the chin with a strap.

Wiggles can be contacted at (305) 866-1226, or at

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Bring Your Dog To Howl-Oween, Win A Dog Bed

If you’re a dog owner in the Denver, Colorado area, here’s a fun event for you and your pet. The Omni Interlocken Resort Golf Course is hosting a Howl-oween party for pets on Saturday, October 27, 2007, from 2 to 4 PM.

Divot, the golf course mascot (the “jailbird” pictured left), is playing host for this event, which features tasty treats for humans and dogs alike. Dogs can enter the costume competition and the winner will receive an Omni Interlocken Resort dog bed (the kind that doggie guests at the resort enjoy), designed by artist Lisa Mattingly.

Entry fees are being donated to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

For information, email or call 303-464-9000 ext. 16.

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Eco Friendly Bella Beds And Binkys For Your Pet

Bella Creature Comforts of Houston, Texas, is a boutique maker of dog beds and “binkys” (not pacifiers, but blankets). The owner, Michele Hedges, looking for a better dog bed, came to realize that dogs like to burrow and sleep in a recessed space.  So, she designed her dog beds to be cave-shaped. Her Woof Team of her two dogs Bella (also the Chief Executive Dog) and Caleb has confirmed the comfort of the beds.

Bella beds have been endorsed by veterinarians and are 100% hypoallergenic and washable. They are also environmentally friendly – the exterior is made from Eco2 recycled cotton, while the interior fill is made of recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate, a highly recyclable material made from the oil of plants).

The beds are available from the Bella website, ranging from $79.99 for small sizes up to $205.99

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Custom Dog Beds | Customized Pet Bed

Even though there are hundreds of different types of dog beds available in the markets, with varying styles, designs, and level of comfort; you may still not find that perfect dog bed for your pet. In such a situation, custom dog beds are a great alternative.

Customized dog beds are the best option for those dog owners who cannot find a ready dog bed that suits their pet just right. Perhaps the style of bed that you like is not sized properly for your dog, or it may not have adequate support or softness, or maybe you just do not like the looks of any dog beds that you have come across. With customized dog beds, you can do away with all these problems.

Here are some ways in which you can customize your dog beds:

1) Size: This is the main reason that dog owners go for custom dog beds. If not sized right, the bed may be too big or too small for your dog, which is not conducive to good sleep. Thus, instead of opting for an incorrect size, go in for a custom dog bed that is sized perfectly for your dog. Not just in length and width, but the dog bed will be sized to the right height too.

2) Cushions and Mattresses: You can choose whether you want a stiffed cushion with the custom dog bed or you want to go in for a mattress. In addition to being sized for the bed frame, you can also specify how much thickness you require.

3) Frame Materials: Depending on the size and the weight of your pet, you can choose different materials such as wood, aluminum, PVC etc for the frame of the dog bed. How durable and long lasting you need the bed to be will also determine your choice of materials.

In addition to the above, you can also choose various colors, designs, and patterns for the dog bed. The mattress or cushion can even be of the orthopedic variety for old or injured pets. is a great site for custom dog beds. Along with having a phenomenal collection to choose from, this site also offers you the option of personalizing the dog bed with your pet’s name.

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Personalized Photo Dog Beds

Maybe you or your pet are tired of the same old boring dog bed… Well, VisionBedding has a pretty neat solution. They can take a digial photo in the JPEG format and can dye it into the fabric of a dog bed (or a pillow, or a blanket, etc). Voila, your own custom pet bed!

The photo pet beds are available in three sizes which are priced from $80 to $120. The heavy knit fabric will endure rough treatment by your doggie, and can be easily machine washed and dried.  The special dyeing process ensures that the image will not fade. A cedar-scented, removable inner pillow is included.

So, just choose one of their many designs, or upload your own picture through their online photo tool – it’s that easy! Soon, your pooch can have his own photo dog bed.

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