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Month: November 2007

Bolster Dog Beds

The perfect bed for your dog is that which provides it with the support that it needs, but is also luxurious and comfortable. In this regard, bolster dog beds are a great choice.

Bolster dog beds are considered to be the embodiment of coziness and for a very good reason. These dog beds feature bolsters which provide a convenient place for your dog to rest its head on. Just as humans find it difficult to sleep without a pillow and are much more comfortable with one; similarly, dogs too like something to rest their heads on if they wish. A bolster pet bed provides just that for your pet.

A bolster bed can have bolsters on all its four sides, which essentially makes the bed like a large donut. Many dogs, especially small breeds find such beds extremely comfortable. However, if you have an aging pet or your dog has joint pains, then you can choose a bed that has bolsters on two or three sides only. This leaves one side open from where the dog can easily access the bed and need not climb over the bolsters to get in.

The deluxe sofa bolster bed is the ideal choice for those pet owners who want to provide their dogs with the very best. These bolster dog beds are made medical grade foam which is orthopedic and can properly support your pet, thus giving it relief from aching joints. The featured bolster adds to the support and also makes for an immensely cozy bed.

The Infinity bolster pet bed available from is a great buy. All Infinity beds are made in such a way that they provide the highest level of comfort and support to your pet. These beds are covered with a polyester fabric, which in addition to being extremely soft to the touch, can also be washed easily when dirty. It is a lounger type bed with bolsters, thus giving your dog a luxury pad to snooze on.

Another type of bolster bed for your loving pet is the chaise bolster beds. These beds have firm mattresses to lie on and have bolsters on two sides meeting in the corner. This not only gives your dog something to lay its head on, but also provides for an excellent corner to snuggle into. These bolster dog beds and various others are available on

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Keep Your Dog From Sleeping On Your Bed

Dogs naturally find the scent of their owners irresistible, and they will find ways to get close to their masters whenever possible. One of their resorts is to lick their owners’ feet or face when the latter comes home from work. Others will just brush their body against their masters. But there are dogs that go beyond these physical manifestations in order to show their affection: they jump at every chance of sleeping on their owners’ beds.

Most people, especially those who never own a pet, will probably find the idea of sharing their bed with their pet a disgusting one. They may reason out that their beds are not for dogs, and that the latter should have a sleeping place of their own. Others, however, may argue that having their dogs beside them is therapeutic and relaxing. Whatever the arguments may be, having dogs doze off beside humans certainly has its ups and downs.

Now, if it is impossible for you to stop your dog from sleeping with you, you can just face the situation head on. Here are some tips that you may employ when your dog tries to sleep with you:

Put extra blankets over your bedding. Though the general rule is to never allow your pooch to sleep with you on your own bed or couch, you may simply place another bedsheet or blanket aside from your original bedding. This will avoid your bedding and you to smell like your dog especially when it relieves itself. This will also prevent your dog’s mites, ticks, or fleas from sticking on the beddings.

Put a divider between you and your dog. Here, a pillow will do the trick. Simply put the pillow between your pooch and you. This is to avoid your dog’s ticks and fleas to get their way into you.

Show your dog who’s boss. Remember that dogs tend to be dominant or aggressive. You sure won’t allow yourself to end up as a stranger on your own kingdom, which is your bed, of course. When your dog starts to occupy the spot that belongs to you, reassert your position. You may opt to banish it to its original place of sleep. When the effort won’t work, go for the ultimatum: physically carry your dog off your bed.

Keep in mind that your bed belongs to you. This, your pet will understand if you provide it with a bed of its own. But do not place this bed or couch in your bedroom as this may encourage the dog to transfer to your bed when it wants to. Moreover, help your pet make it a habit to ask for your permission if it wants to sleep on your bed. This it can do by doing small favors for you before your actual calling it to sleep on your bed.

Whichever of these tips you will adopt, remember that having your dog doze off beside you is not a bad idea after all. However, you should be sensible enough to set the rules before your dog gets too pampered and thus forget that you are after all, the king of the house.

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