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Eco Friendly Bella Beds And Binkys For Your Pet

Bella Creature Comforts of Houston, Texas, is a boutique maker of dog beds and “binkys” (not pacifiers, but blankets). The owner, Michele Hedges, looking for a better dog bed, came to realize that dogs like to burrow and sleep in a recessed space.  So, she designed her dog beds to be cave-shaped. Her Woof Team of her two dogs Bella (also the Chief Executive Dog) and Caleb has confirmed the comfort of the beds.

Bella beds have been endorsed by veterinarians and are 100% hypoallergenic and washable. They are also environmentally friendly – the exterior is made from Eco2 recycled cotton, while the interior fill is made of recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate, a highly recyclable material made from the oil of plants).

The beds are available from the Bella website, ranging from $79.99 for small sizes up to $205.99

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Organic Dog Beds | Pet Bed

Mention the words “organic” and “dogs” to any dog owners and they will instantly relate to organic dog food. Health conscious and environment-friendly people of the modern society are going “organic-crazy”. Aside from the famous organic foods that millions adore, organic dog beds are also slowly becoming a favorite item amongst dog owners.

Made of organic cotton and wool, these beds are able to repel moisture to enable the bed surface to remain dry as often as possible. In addition, organic cotton provides the softness and support every dog needs by conforming to a dog’s body. Apart from organic cotton, bed manufacturers also incorporate other materials in the filling to increase comfort levels. For instance, quintessential organic beds contain two chambers, one made of cotton batting and the other with buckwheat hulls. The buckwheat hulls provide orthopedic benefits while the cotton batting provides softness. The integration of these two materials results in the production of a luxurious bed, which provides both comfort and support. Buckwheat hull also has the potential to retain heat in the winter and keep the bed cool during summer.

Other than utilizing organic cotton as the core material, certain bed manufacturers may utilize organic rubber to achieve the same effect. Just like organic cotton, organic rubber shares the same ability to conform to the pet’s unique shape, therefore reducing stress at the joints of the dog.       Organic dog beds are gradually becoming the favorite amongst dog owners due to fact that the materials used to make these beds are pesticide-free. There are cases where certain dogs are allergic to cedar, while others may even suffer from respiratory problems. However, when organic materials are used to make organic beds, this will help to ensure that even the most sensitive dogs will be able to stay away from allergies or any other ailments caused by pesticides.      

When selecting your organic dog bed, be sure that you are buying a genuine organic bed which comes fitted with a 100% organic cotton cover. Organic covers are covers without the use of any synthetic fabrics or chemical dyes. The natural goodness of an organic bed complete with organic filling and organic cover will ensure that your lovely furry pal will be sleeping more comfortably and of course breathe easier too. This is a benefit that only an organic dog bed can provide to your best friend.

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Wrought Iron Dog Beds | Iron Pet Bed

It is certainly untrue to believe that good things do not last. Wrought iron dog beds are great looking beds, which will definitely stay in good shape for a long time. Mention the word ‘wrought iron” and many dog owners may instantly relate it to a big bed frame made of thick strong rods and bed heads which resemble prison bars. However, this impression would instantly be wiped off their minds once they lay their eyes on the gorgeous iron dog beds.

Check out websites like,, and , and you will be able to choose from a number of dog beds made of wrought iron. Quintessential’s wrought iron bed will make a dainty piece of furniture, which will sit prettily in your house. Made of timeless iron, the design of this bed is inspired by the renaissance era and has very fine handcraftsmanship. This makes it worth every cent you are paying for. Lay a mattress of your choice on this durable and luxurious bed frame. If you think your dog will enjoy sleeping on a soft surface then opt for the pillow top mattress, however if you think your dog needs a little bit more support on his back while he sleeps then it would be wiser to take the coil spring mattress.

Melia also offers a number of wrought iron beds from Victorian inspired designs to chic modern designs. The steel construction of these beds had been carefully welded and on top of that, the beds have powder coat finishing preventing oxidation. Now, dog owners would not have to worry if the beds will ever turn rusty. For added stability, all Melia wrought iron beds come with solid wood base to support the mattress.

Wrought iron beds are tough beds made for tough dogs. If you are constantly worry that your dog will chew on his wooden bed or tear his pillow bed then it is really the right time to get your dog an iron bed.

If wrought pet iron beds are not your preference then you may want to check out some of the forged iron dog beds instead, which are equally beautiful. Windsor canopy beds are great examples, as they are designed to make you pet pooch feel like they have been transported to a fairyland. Also, Windsor forged iron beds come with lovely canopies made of soft fabrics like satin and chiffon. If you think you want to pamper your furry pal with some royal treatment then this would be the ultimate bed.

Bear in mind that your dogs should not be sacrificing his comfort for style when it comes to the perfect iron bed. Your dogs deserve the best from you.

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Small Dog Beds – The Ultimate Luxury For Small Pooches

Do you have a small or toy dog like a Chihuahua, a Maltese or a Pekingese? If you do, one of the first things that you dog needs is a small dog bed. Your little dog deserves all the luxury you can give him or her, and this starts with a comfortable dog bed that fits your dog’s size and also your room décor.

If you look around online to sites such as PetcareCentral, Orvisand Petco you will notice that there are multiple selections of dog beds for you to choose from. From the relatively simple dog bed designs to the ultra glamorous ones, you will be sure to get one that fits your taste.

One of these small dog beds is the one rightfully named Slipper Sleeper Bed, which has been designed to look like a slipper into which your dog can sleep in. Furry on the outside and lined with fleece on the inside, this luxurious petite dog bed comes with a newspaper toy and a removable cushion that will guarantee comfort for your pet.

Another type of smaller dog bed is the Little Lily Shimmering Pink Mink Bed. Covered with soft and silky pink material and faux mink, your pooch will look totally glamorous and adorable on this cute dog bed. As with other dog beds, this bed is made with a cover that is totally washable so that it’ll be easy for you to maintain cleanliness of your dog’s sleeping area.

Care for a bed which is uniquely handcrafted and made to look like your bed? Then check out the Regal small dog bed that comes with a feather trim and is designed with a variety of covers to choose from such as velvet, zebra print or even patchwork. Apart from that, the insides of the bed are made of synthetic fiber, making the bed more durable and resilient.

Want a bed that is shaped like a flower? If that’s in your mind, then you should consider the Flower small dog bed equipped with a stuffed bee toy for your pooch. With fleece being the material used for the exterior, this small fleece dog bed is also sturdy, durable yet comfortable. What’s more, it is machine washable, making it easy to clean up after your pet.

Finally small dog beds are plenty to be found, provided that you know where to look. The best place for initial survey would be the Internet, with various websites promoting plenty of small dog beds.

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Designer Dog Beds By Lulu Jane For That Extra Special Canine!

Lulu Jane designer dog products are created by Orrville Pet Products. Aimed to provide upscale and brand name products for dog care, Lulu Jane meets the desire of dog owners who want the same high end and sophistication of their pets. This is why, much of products from Lulu Jane run along this theme, with fluffy pillows for dogs, designer dog beds, embroidered bags and preppy collars and leashes trimmed with jewels.

lulu-jane-dog-bed-1549214, 1626169588Initially, Orville Pet Products had been a leather company, producing leather items for horses. Later, the organization slowly diversified into a wide range pet products with Lulu Jane being the designer brand arm of this company. Founded by Kristine Lauritzen Fellows, the idea of Lulu Jane was conceptualized when Kristine attended a board meeting for Orville Pet Products. She had an idea to incorporate style and grace into pet products with the purpose of introducing chic designs as a choice for pet owners with a taste for stylish merchandise.

Lulu Jane dog beds is one of the product lines amongst the many products under the Lulu Jane umbrella. One of the most prominent dog beds is the wrought iron round pet bed consisting of a white iron frame, carved with flowers at the base. A round cushion is placed right at the middle of the bed, and is available in raspberry color, pollyanna pink, safari adventure print or lady of the jungle print. As a finishing touch, a crystal is placed at the top of the frame.

Apart from that, there are also other luxury dog beds for you to choose from. These include the Lulu Jane Crown Royale canopy pet bed, which comes with 3 choices of cushions – Savannah Sweetness, the Blue Willow and the Safari Adventure. Each of these are produced with brushed cotton on the outside and inserted with polyfiberfill and cedar on the inside. Pure luxury for your best friend!

In conclusion, designer dog beds by Lulu Jane are built to offer the utmost luxury to your fluffy fur ball, ensuring that he or she enjoys the excellence you have for yourself. What’s more, with all the right prints available, Lulu Jane products are excellent combinations for your home décor as well.

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Coolaroo Dog Beds: The Ultimate Cooling Bed

The name Coolaroo dog beds does not refer to pet beds that are manufactured by a company of the same name, but instead refer to the excellent patented fabric that is used to make these dog beds.

Gale Pacific makes many different consumer products, all of which feature the Coolaroo fabric. Of these, the Coolaroo pet beds are among their best and most popular products. The Coolaroo fabric is a technological miracle as it consists of innumerable tiny holes from which air can pass through easily. Even with so many tiny spaces in the fabric, it is extremely tough and durable.

coolaroo-dog-bed-2365436, 1626169587Coolaroo dog beds are available in different sizes to as to suit different breeds of dogs. You can choose from the large pet bed which measures 51.1″ x 31.5″, or the medium pet bed that measures 43.4″ x 25.6″, or the small pet bed with measurements of 35.5″ x 21.6″. Thus, depending on the size of your dog and its favorite sleeping position, you can choose from any of these Coolaroo beds.

Benefits Of Coolaroo Pet Beds

  • Because the coolaroo fabric has so many holes, air can flow freely through the fabric. This ensures that the dog bed does not get uncomfortably hot and your dog always remains cool and comfortable.
  • Because of the ‘breathability’ of the fabric, it does not provide a breeding ground for fleas and ticks which can be an issue with other types of beds. Thus, you will never have to worry about your pet being riddled with fleas and scratching itself crazy.
  • Mold, mildew, and fungus will never grow on the fabric, thus keeping the coolaroo dog bed clean and safe for your pet.
  • These beds are extremely easy to clean and take care of. The fabric does not get damaged by water, so you can simply hose the dog bed down if you so choose. In fact, it is even possible to give your dog a bath right on its coolaroo dog bed. Once you have finished, you simply hose the entire bed, wait for it to dry in a few minutes, and it will be as good as new.
  • These beds are of the raised variety, thus keeping your pet cool in the summer months, and keeping it off the cold floor in the winter months.

Thus, if your loving pet is really pampered and you always want to give it the best, make sure its bed is a Coolaroo dog bed.

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Pillow Dog Beds | Pillow Pet Bed

The pillow dog bed is almost every dog’s heaven on earth. Just the sight of the pillow bed is enough to invite your dog to just throw himself on the bed, curl up and laze for as long as he can. At, there are a variety of dog beds that come with covers and fillings made of many different materials.  From suede cover to polyester cotton cover, each one of them promises the same comfort and softness to allow your dog to enjoy his sleep.

Certainly, the filling of the bed is what matters most. The integration of recycled and virgin fiber creates the perfect filling, which provides an unmatched comfortable sleeping experience.

When it comes to the cover of the pillow bed, dog owners will definitely be spoilt for choice with the wide selection of covers made of different type of materials. For a smooth and soft surface, you can purchase the suede-like or microfibre cover. You will fall in love with this cover the moment you touch it. For a warm and cozy bed, it’s a good idea to purchase covers that made of fleece, able to keep warm in cool rooms and cool when the temperature increases.

If round beds are not your preference, you can always opt for the square ones. There are some very stylish square pillow beds at, which will certainly jazz up your home decoration. Be it round or square, what appeals most to dog owners is the fact that dog pillow beds are not limited to certain dimensions. This means that you can place the dog bed virtually anywhere in you house. If the bed is not in use, you can also fold it for easier storage.

Pillow dog beds are not made for puppies or smaller dogs only. In fact, companies like Orvis allow you to customize the dimension of the pillow bed to accommodate even large dogs like Labrador Retrievers. Mammoth pillow beds that comes in XL sizes will definitely provide your large dogs the space it needs.

Other than the elegance and softness of a pillow bed, it may also be worthwhile to check out the hygiene features of a pillow bed. Some beds are built with a layer of carbon at the bottom to trap unpleasant odors of your dog from evaporating into the room. In addition, some beds come with antibacterial lining sewn to prevent your pillow dog bed from becoming the breeding ground for bacteria. .

If simplicity and comfort are your main priorities, then a pillow dog bed would be you’re the perfect and ideal choice for your dog.

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Personalized Photo Dog Beds

Maybe you or your pet are tired of the same old boring dog bed… Well, VisionBedding has a pretty neat solution. They can take a digial photo in the JPEG format and can dye it into the fabric of a dog bed (or a pillow, or a blanket, etc). Voila, your own custom pet bed!

The photo pet beds are available in three sizes which are priced from $80 to $120. The heavy knit fabric will endure rough treatment by your doggie, and can be easily machine washed and dried.  The special dyeing process ensures that the image will not fade. A cedar-scented, removable inner pillow is included.

So, just choose one of their many designs, or upload your own picture through their online photo tool – it’s that easy! Soon, your pooch can have his own photo dog bed.

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eMattress Offers Pet Beds With Wool Covers

The folks at eMattress, the online distribution arm of bedding maker WCW Inc, have been offering a premium line of mattresses with wool covers for some time now.

Figuring that what’s good for people is good for pets too, they’ve now created premium pet beds with wool covers, available at the website. The covers are made from pure virgin Australian wool, which is hypoallergenic, hygienic, very comfortable for a pet and easy to wash.

The dog beds come in various sizes, suitable for any dog. The small beds are made of shredded orthopedic foam, while the large sizes are built like human mattresses, providing the necessary support.

Why not give your pet the comfort of wool today?

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Fleece Dog & Pet Beds

If you live in a place where temperatures are known to drop to sub zero, it can be very difficult indeed to keep your pet dog warm. In fact, winter time in most places can be really hard on pets as it can become too cold for them to bear. Even if your dog has a very thick coat of fur, do not make the mistake of thinking that it is enough to keep it warm. You should think about getting your pet a warm bed such as a fleece dog bed.

Heated dog beds with their thermal regulators are great for keeping your pet warm and cozy. However, such beds can be very expensive to buy and may not be affordable by all. In such situations, a cost effective alternative is available in fleece dog beds.

Fleece Dod Bed Benefits And Styles

fleece-dog-bed-6962303, 1626169581Beds which have a fleece cover and fleece fillings are not only very comfortable for your pet, but more importantly can keep your dog from getting too cold. Old and arthritic dogs have more problems when it is cold as their joints pain a lot worse. The only way to relieve their pain is to ensure that they are kept warm at all times. This is where fleece dog beds can be extremely useful.

Fleece pet beds are available in many different styles and sizes. If you have a large dog that loves to sprawl out and sleep, you can choose a fleece sleeper in the largest size. Such a bed will give your pet all the room that it wants and the fleece material will protect it from the cold. You could even buy a fleece blanket to cover your pet with if need be.

Donut fleece beds, fleece bolster dog beds, and fleece sacks are great options for smaller dogs and those that love to sleep curled up. There are different sizes of fleece crate beds and fleece mattresses available which are ideal for placing inside a dog crate or a doggie house. Portable fleece sleepers are the best option for a comfortable bed when going on trips with your pet.

Thus, regardless of whether you have a small dog or a big dog, you can get fleece dog beds to suit all breeds of dogs. The best place to shop for such beds is on the Internet as you get a great variety and good prices.,, and are some great websites to begin your shopping for fleece dog beds.

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