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Dog Beds At Dog Art Today

Dog Art Today is  a rather unique site. In their words, they are “devoted to daily dog art from around the world. Features include contemporary dog art, the history of dogs in art, dog art auctions, books, posters, fashion and decor.”

Of particular interest to us is the “decor” part. They have started spotlighting artistic dog pillows, and now dog beds at Dog Art Today. Some of the rather unique beds discussed are the Round Shaker Pet Bed (shown left) and the Japanese-inspired Elly Bed (their favorite).

Moira McLaughlin, the artist who runs Dog Art Today, sells her art at and at There are some beautiful pieces, so take a look now.

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Wine Crate Dog Beds

wine-crate-dog-bed-8604200, 1626169569Do you love wine and dogs? I know I do! There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting back with a nice glass of Pinot Noir and my little spaniel Rex on my lap…

Well, now you can combine your two loves. The good folks at Whiner and Diner started out with making dog feeders and bowls from recycled wine crates. Good wines from California and Europe, no swill here…

Now, they’ve expanded and have created dog beds made from these fine wine crates. The beds look great, come with a comfy dog cushion and will run you a bit over $200.

With a top notch dog bed like this, your pet won’t be whining much at all!

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Crafty Daisy's DIY Dog Bed

crafty-daisy-inexpensive-dog-bed-6934525, 1626169567I know that we usually showcase dog beds that you would buy, but with a little of creativity, you can make your own and not break the bank in the process.

That’s just what Candace from Crafty Daisies did. She had bought her pug, Jaxon, a dog bed which he definitely did not care for. Instead of going out and buying another bed that he might not like, she figured she would just create one herself.

Starting off with a large pillow, she then bought a fabric pattern that she liked, and after about 20 minutes of work, Jaxon had something he seemed to like a lot more (he seems quite comfy in the picture!)

Take a look at her design – it’s simple and functional, and for a relatively small amount of  effort and money, her dog got exactly the right bed!

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BedPals – A Pet Bed and Car Seat Combo

bed-pals-1812572, 1626169563(From PRWeb) Dalida Maserejian from My Lucky Dog was inspired by her dog Princess to start creating dog beds, so she did. However, these cute and mostly animal-shaped beds also double as car seats for pets.

The unique dog beds are called BedPalsTM, and not only are they comfortable and cozy, but they’re easy to take on the road. The incuded adjustable safety strap makes it easy to attach the bed to a car seat belt.

Currently, there are seven designs available:

  • Dixxy the Cat
  • Matty the Monkey
  • Pretty Princess
  • Hugo the Dog
  • Patrick the Panda
  • Roar the Lion
  • Fabian the Frog

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Find The Right Sized Bed For Your Dog

…  pet’s bed needs to be the right size for true comfort. Here’s what you need to consider: Measure your …

How To Buy Large Dog Beds

…  a large one; but how big is big enough? And along with size, does it also matter what kind of bed it is? These and more questions are answered below. The size of the large bed that you purchase will be determined by the kind of …

Wicker Dog Beds For Comfort In Enduring Style

…  as wicker dog baskets, and come in various shapes and sizes to suit all dog breeds. Usually, a wicker dog bed is made from natural …  $30 and $50 each. With designs of different shapes and sizes, you will be spoilt for choice. Other than the typical oval shaped wicker …

Let Your Faithful Dog Relax In Comfort!

…  available in the markets which vary according to their size, design, comfort, and cost. Just as there are various different breeds of …  dog beds: As the name suggests, these are very big in size and are perfect for big dogs such as Great Danes, German Shepherds, Hounds …

Choosing The Right Type Of Bed For Your Dog

…  available in the markets which vary according to their size, design, comfort, and cost. Just as there are various different breeds of …  dog beds: As the name suggests, these are very big in size and are perfect for big dogs such as Great Danes, German Shepherds, Hounds …

Choosing From The Top Dog Bed Brands

…  mission is to create quality dog beds, suitable for every size, weight and breed of dog. Their BedFinder makes this even easier. Take a …

Round Dog Beds For The Curled Up Dog

…  their furry pals. They are available in different sizes from extra small (19 inches) to extra large (30 inches). Choosing the right bed size for dogs can be very simple. The size is determined by adding 5 inches to …

Modern Dog Beds Offer A Strong Blend Of Convenience, Function And Comfort

…  suit their needs, preferences, budget, decor, breed and size. In fact, it is the different demands and needs of both dog owners and …  select the dog bed’s filling, cover, shape and even size. Just click and make your payment via the Internet and the bed will be …

Keep Your Pet Healthy With Washable Dog Beds

…  varieties to the high end deluxe beds. Comfort and size are the two main things that every dog owner should look for in a dog bed, …

Coolaroo Dog Beds: The Ultimate Cooling Bed

…  and durable. Coolaroo dog beds are available in different sizes to as to suit different breeds of dogs. You can choose from the large pet …  of 35.5″ x 21.6″. Thus, depending on the size of your dog and its favorite sleeping position, you can choose from any of …

dog beds

An Elevated Dog Bed Keeps Away Fleas And The Cold

There are many dog owners concerned that their pet may contract Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD), a common ailment caused by fleas. (…)

Let Your Dog Nest On A Cozy Nesting Bed

It may very likely be almost impossible for any dog to resist sleeping and cuddling up onto a soft and cozy nesting bed. (…)

Keep Your Pet Healthy With Washable Dog Beds

The dog bed industry is growing by leaps and bounds, all thanks to the fact that dog owners want to give the very best in terms of dog beds to their pets. (…)

The Exquisite Beauty Of Toile Dog Beds

There is no doubt that a dog bed needs to be comfortable for your pet and also provide it adequate support so that your dog can rest and sleep comfortably. (…)

All About Vinyl Dog Beds

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a dog bed is the fabric that it is made out of. (…)

Get a Car Dog Bed And You’ll Have A Cozy Friend On Board!

Traveling with dogs will never be a nightmare anymore with the invention of car dog beds. (…)

Cool Dog Beds Keep Your Dog’s Temperature At Bay

A healthy dog’s body temperature ranges from 37.2 to 39.2 degree Celsius. This explains why a dog may get warmer faster than human beings. (…)

Let Your Dog Relax With A Pet Couch

After a hard day’s work, there is nothing more relaxing than throwing yourself onto the couch in front of the TV. (…)

Get A Cute Bed For Your Cute Dog

Oreo is a 6-month old chubby Pekingese who sleeps on his Snuggle Slipper bed every night. If Oreo could talk, he would ask his owner’s friends to stop looking at him as he may shy away at times. (…)

Dog Bed Replacement Covers For A Cozy Time!

Entice your dog with a brand new dog bed if you think he has grown sick looking at his old bed. (…)

Foam Dog Beds Stay In Shape And Are Allergy Free!

Betty’s 3-year old Labrador had stopped tossing and turning on his bed, while Jim’s 5-year-old arthritic golden retriever had been getting better sleep since they both bought the foam dog bed. (…)

Gel Dog Beds Contour To Your Dog’s Body Shape

Gel dog beds are revolutionary. First, there were only foam beds, polyester beds, fibre beds and cotton beds. Then, as demands for comfort and luxury increased, the gel dog bed was introduced. (…)

Modern Dog Beds Offer A Strong Blend Of Convenience, Function And Comfort

Decades ago, dog beds were just plain beds that serve only proper surfaces for dogs to sleep on. There were neither fancy designs nor innovative functions to pamper dogs. (…)

Quality Dog Beds For A Quality Dog

Since your dog has always been there for you as your faithful companion and best friend, he deserves to be rewarded with a bed of superior quality and excellent comfort. (…)

Retailers Of Dog Beds

Beyond Beds – Beyond Beds High Quality Adjustable Beds, Memory Foam Mattresses, 100% Latex Foam Mattresses, Air Mattress, Mattress Toppers, Down and Foam Pillows, Fine Bed Linens, Pure 100% seamless Habotai silk sheets. (…)

Get A Dog Bed Warmer And You’ll Get A Cozy Dog!

Most dog beds have covers made of fleece or sherpa to retain heat to keep the dog warm but solely depending on such covers may not be enough. (…)

Finding The Perfect Indestructible Dog Bed

Indestructible dog beds are an absolute must for those dogs that can rip apart any type of bed. (…)

Assist Your Pet With A Dog Ramp

It is not surprising that some dog owners have never heard of dog ramps. (…)

The Benefits Of Fleece Dog Beds

If you live in a place where temperatures are known to drop to sub zero, it can be very difficult indeed to keep your pet dog warm. (…)

A Dog Sofa Bed – The Ultimate Luxury

Watching television will certainly become a more enjoyable experience if you get your dog a sofa bed. (…)

Waterproof Dog Beds For Your Outdoorsy Pet

Many dog owners have dogs that simply love the outdoors and spend all their time frolicking with nature. (…)

Go On The Road With A Dog Travel Bed For Ultimate Convenience

Your convenience and your dog’s comfort are the two main things you should take into consideration when buying a travel dog bed. (…)

Added Comfort With Canopy Dog Beds

How often is it that during the summer time when your home gets too hot to bear, you like to lounge around in the outdoors enjoying the cool breeze? (…)

Ultimate Luxury With Bolster Dog Beds

The perfect bed for your dog is that which provides it with the support that it needs, but is also luxurious and comfortable. In this regard, bolster dog beds are a great choice. (…)

Round Dog Beds For The Curled Up Dog

Many dog owners take for granted the importance of a dog bed. Dogs are often found sleeping on the couch, on the mat or on their owner’s bed. (…)

Wooden Dog Beds For An Authentic Look And Woodsy Smell

A wooden dog bed will certainly make every dog feel like a queen or king. Some dog owners are simply obsessed with wooden dog beds as these make great furniture to jazz up the house decor. (…)

The Different Types of Chew Proof Dog Beds

For most pet owners, especially those who have dogs; it would practically be sacrilegious to let their pets spend their nights on the floor. (…)

Beat The Heat With Cooling Dog Beds

When the heat gets to you, you have the option of turning on the air conditioner or go for a cooling swim. But what does your pet dog do when the heat is too much to bear? (…)

Buying A Raised Dog Bed

When it comes to dog beds, the two main types are beds which rest on the floor and raised dog beds. (…)

Small Dog Beds – The Ultimate Luxury For Small Pooches

Do you have a small or toy dog like a Chihuahua, a Maltese or a Pekingese? If you do, one of the first things that you dog needs is a small dog bed. (…)

Extra Large Dog Beds For That X-Large Dog!

Do you have an extra large Great Dane at home? Are regular large dog beds still too small for your extra large dog? (…)

Dog Bed Covers In Multiple Choices

Do you already have a dog bed, and are thinking of choosing a new dog bed cover? Changing your home décor and the current bed cover doesn’t quite match your furniture? (…)

Wicker Dog Beds For Comfort In Enduring Style

The wicker basket is probably one of the more conventional and common dog beds in use in the market. (…)

Allergy Free Dog Beds Stop That Itching!

Just like humans, dogs too have their allergies especially when they have been lying in places with huge amounts of dust. (…)

Donut Dog Beds – The Most Common Dog Beds Of All!

Just got your new pooch? Then you definitely need to get the accompanying pet accessories which are totally essential for your new best friend. (…)

Memory Foam Dog Beds – Keep Your Pet’s Bed In Shape

While shopping for your dog bed, you may find various types of internal materials being used within the bed. (…)

Outdoor Dog Beds For That Outdoor Lovin’ Dog!

Does your dog spend a lot of time outdoors? Does he like the cooler air outside when it’s warm inside? In this case, many dogs just lie on the grass and come inside with dirt on their fur. (…)

Sweet Smelling Cedar Dog Beds

Even if you take extra care of your dog, brush its fur regularly, give it a bath as needed, and use top-of-the-line dog care products; your dog can still end up with a peculiar smell. (…)

Best Deals On Personalized Dog Beds

Personalized dog beds are an ideal choice for homes where there are multiple pets. (…)

Luxury Dog Beds – Spoil Your Pet Rotten

If a standard dog bed just does not match your tastes and that of your pampered pooch, then luxury dog beds are just the thing for you. (…)

The Different Types Of Fancy Dog Beds

The pet products industry is growing by leaps and bounds, all due to the fact that dogs are being regarded as family members by most of their owners who don’t mind spending some money to ensure their safety and happiness. (…)

An Animal Themed Dog Bed For Your Pooch

People pamper their dogs to such an extent as would be appropriate for royalty. But then again, most people consider their dog to be regal, don’t they? (…)

Heated Dog Beds – Make Life Easier For Your Pet

Humans have the option of snuggling up to a loved one or covering themselves with a thermal blanket when the weather becomes too cold for comfort. But what option does your pet have? (…)

How To Buy Large Dog Beds

Dogs that are very big and large need large dog beds to sleep in. (…)

The Amazing Comfort Of Dog Water Beds

Conventional water beds that are used by humans have been shown to give added comfort to people who sleep on them and have proved to be beneficial to those who suffer from back aches and have sleeping problems. (…)

Orthopedic Dog Beds Help Prevent Joint Problems

Arthritis is a common joint problem that many dogs suffer from. If remained untreated, it may lead to complications like hips dysplasia. (…)

Magnetic Dog Beds To Ease Aching Joints and Muscles

The theory on the way magnetic therapy works on your dogs is quite simple. Magnetism increases blood circulation on the areas where pain occurs, hence forcing blood to flow through a magnetic field. (…)

Your One Stop Dog Bed Source

Most people who have dogs as pets would simply not stand for letting their loving pooch curl up on a cold floor to sleep. This is why dog beds are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. It may be difficult for those, who do not have a dog, to understand why anyone would take the trouble to find a dog bed or spend good money on one. But those of us who do have pets know better, don’t we?

Dog Bed Brands
dog-bed-brands-4797460, 1626169555
Find Out About The Top Dog Bed Brands

What’s in a brand? Well, if you want your pet to get the best rest possible, the right dog bed brand might make a world of difference.

Dog Bed Sizes
dog-bed-sizes-1201770, 1626169556
Choose The Right Dog Bed Size

Dogs come in different sizes. Your pet deserves a bed that is sized comfortably – make the right decision here.

accessories-9059759, 1626169557
Accessorize Your Pet’s Bed

So now your dog has a great bed. Good job! Now think about what else your pet needs to be really comfy – find out about bed covers, warmers and more.

Dog Furniture
a-dog-laying-on-the-couch, 1626169558
Coming Soon – Nothing But The Right Dog Furniture

A comfy bed is certainly the most important item for your pet, but don’t overlook these other types of furniture for your doggie!

Dog Sleep, Rest and Health
dog-sleep-5963400, 1626169558
Coming Soon – Dog Sleep, Rest and Health

The main purpose of a dog bed is to let your pet get some well deserved rest, but a bed is often not enough.

Shopping For Your Dog
shopping-2397175, 1626169560
Coming Soon – Guide To Dog Bed Shopping

The best places to shop for dog beds.

Dog Resources
dog-resources-7942901, 1626169560
Coming Soon – Looking For Great Dog Tips? Check Out Our Resources

The best web sites for dog information.

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The Different Types of Chew Proof Dog Beds

For most pet owners, especially those who have dogs; it would practically be sacrilegious to let their pets spend their nights on the floor. And not just nights, but since dogs spend a better part of the day lounging around as well, they need to have something much more comfortable than a cold floor to lie down on. Thus, dog beds are the perfect solution for such pet owners. You may think that a dog bed is not for your pet as it chews everything in sight and would tatter the bedding instantly. But with chew proof dog beds, even the toughest chewie will not be able to damage the bed.

Chewproof dog beds are the ideal choice for pet owners whose dogs chew a lot. If you’re tired of having to replace the bedding on your pets bed every now and then because you find it all over the house, then your next purchase should definitely be a chew proof dog bed.

Chewproof Pet Bed Types

  1. Steel chew proof beds: The bed frame in such beds is made from steel. This ensures that the bed can be used even by the heaviest of breeds and would comfortably bear their weight. These beds are quite heavy and are extremely durable.
  2. Aluminum chewproof dog beds: Aluminum frame beds are ideal for mid sized breeds of dogs. They are cheaper than steel beds but are equally strong and durable. However, they cannot bear as much weight as steel beds but as mentioned earlier, are perfect for mid sized dogs.
  3. Poly resin chew proof pet beds: If you wish to move the bed from place to place, sometimes indoors and sometimes outdoors; then the poly resin chewproof beds are best. These are very light in weight, but offer the same strength and durability of other dog beds.

Most of the chew-proof dog beds on the markets are the off-the-floor type. This means that they do not rest on the floor but are raised. The fabric of the bedding is typically tucked inside the frame so that the dogs cannot chew it. Nylon, vinyl, and canvas are the different fabrics used for such dog beds.

When it comes to chew proof dog cots, the Kuranda beds are among the very best. All the different types and models of these chewproof beds, as well as other dog cots, are available at a great price on

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Elevated Dog Beds & Pet Beds

There are many dog owners concerned that their pet may contract Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD), a common ailment caused by fleas. Seeking medical treatment to cure the poor dog would be a nightmare, but what is worse is the effort needed to break the flea cycle. Fleas have the ability to jump 6-7 inches up the air and almost one foot horizontally. Understanding this fact, more dog owners are now purchasing elevated dog beds to avoid this problem.

Being almost 9 inches up from the ground, your dog will be able to sleep in the “flea-free” zone. Besides fleas, dogs who sleep on elevated dog beds can also escape many types of insects who are constantly crawling on the ground.  There are some great looking elevated Kuranda Dog beds at, and

elevated-dog-bed-9220810, 1626169550As elevated pet beds are fully supported by four legs, dog owners may be concerned on its ability to support a dog’s weight. This should not be a problem if you purchase an elevated bed for dogs made from wrought iron or wood. If your dog has not gotten rid of his chewing habits, then it would be best to choose iron beds or beds made from chew-proof wood. Beds made from such materials are also able to support large dogs of up to 130 pounds. Also, rubber feet are fitted onto an elevated dog bed to prevent the bed from skidding. With this, your dog will be able to freely throw himself, roll and jump on his bed as much as he likes.      

Besides keeping your dogs from flees and insects, an dog bed that is elevated will also ensure that your dogs are always one level above the cold hard floor. On, you will find some great beds by Petmate, that offer many orthopedic benefits. Unlike foam beds which are placed on grounds, these elevated foam dog beds can help prevent condensation, a factor which causes foam to rot.

      Cleaning up is easy as most lifted dog beds come with machine-washable covers which can be simply removed by unzipping. Maintaining the cleanliness of an elevated bed frame is even easier; just wipe the bed with a wet cloth. Beds that are elevated also allow you to clean the floor without moving the bed at all.

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Wooden Dog Beds For An Authentic Look And Woodsy Smell

A wooden dog bed will certainly make every dog feel like a queen or king. Some dog owners are simply obsessed with wooden dog beds as these make great furniture to jazz up the house decor.

The mere mention of wooden dog beds projects an impression of hard surfaces, and inadequate comfort to your dog. However, new wooden beds like those produced by Kuranda (you can find them listed in will certainly change these misconceptions. In reality, beds of solid wood promise a lot of comfort and durability. Apart from the attractive wood finishing, many dog beds also offer chew-proof wood so dog owners do not have to worry too much about the beds. In comparison with other type of beds, wooden beds are relatively higher and this feature allows the dog to be at the flee-free zone.

Choosing A Wood Dog Bed

Another misconception many dog owners have is the price of a wooden dog bed. Do not be deceived by its elegance, a wooden bed does not necessary has to be expensive. At the site, you will find wooden beds on sale. These wooden beds come with attractive wood finishing bed frames and detachable soft and cozy cushions.

The right selection of the type of wood which makes the bed is utmost important. Solid wood and pinewood make strong beds, which will be able to support your dog as it grows. A good wooden bed should be steady and stable so it will be stationary even when the furry pal hops on to his or her bed. Besides the right type of wood, an ideal wooden bed should also have non-skid rubber feet for security purposes.

Another brand of wooden dog beds would be the Bamboo Tropical Island Bed that comes with a bottom drawer. Once placed in a corner, your dog will love this bed as you can even store its favorite toys below! Additionally, the dark brown wooden color and the bamboo material used to produce it gives a tropical feel to this wooden dog bed.

Yet another option would be the Doxie dog beds that come either in Cherry or Oak color. They can be used for dogs up to 30lbs in weight, in addition to being made of solid oak. However, the downside is that cushions are not included, which means that owners will need to hunt for a cushions that will fit this size.

Assembling the dog bed is never a problem as all wooden dog beds can be assembled in a few easy steps. If you are looking for a lasting, sophisticated, elegant dog bed then a wooden dog bed is definitely the right choice.

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