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Month: October 2006

Small Dog Beds – The Ultimate Luxury For Small Pooches | Dog Beds For You

Do you have a small or toy dog like a Chihuahua, a Maltese or a Pekingese? If you do, one of the first things that you dog needs is a small dog bed. Your little dog deserves all the luxury you can give him or her, and this starts with a comfortable dog bed that fits your dog’s size and also your room décor.

If you look around online to sites such as PetcareCentral, Orvisand Petco you will notice that there are multiple selections of dog beds for you to choose from. From the relatively simple dog bed designs to the ultra glamorous ones, you will be sure to get one that fits your taste.

One of these small dog beds is the one rightfully named Slipper Sleeper Bed, which has been designed to look like a slipper into which your dog can sleep in. Furry on the outside and lined with fleece on the inside, this luxurious petite dog bed comes with a newspaper toy and a removable cushion that will guarantee comfort for your pet.

Another type of smaller dog bed is the Little Lily Shimmering Pink Mink Bed. Covered with soft and silky pink material and faux mink, your pooch will look totally glamorous and cute on this little bed. As with other dog beds, this bed is made with a cover that is totally washable so that it’ll be easy for you to maintain cleanliness of your dog’s sleeping area.

Care for a bed which is uniquely handcrafted and made to look like your bed? Then check out the Regal small dog bed that comes with a feather trim and is designed with a variety of covers to choose from such as velvet, zebra print or even patchwork. Apart from that, the insides of the bed are made of synthetic fiber, making the bed more durable and resilient.

Want a bed that is shaped like a flower? If that’s in your mind, then you should consider the Flower small dog bed equipped with a stuffed bee toy for your pooch. With fleece being the material used for the exterior, this small dog bed is also sturdy, durable yet comfortable. What’s more, it is machine washable, making it easy to clean up after your pet.

Finally small dog beds are plenty to be found, provided that you know where to look. The best place for initial survey would be the Internet, with various websites promoting plenty of small dog beds.

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Extra Large Dog Beds For That X-Large Dog! | Dog Beds For You

Do you have an extra large Great Dane at home? Are regular large dog beds still too small for your extra large dog? Then, for your dog to enjoy the utmost comfort while sleeping, it may be essential for you to purchase an x large dog bed for your large best friend!

A visit on the Internet to sites such as or Petcarecentral will reveal that there are indeed many choices available. One of the more prominent dog beds would be the Mammoth Original Extra Large Dog Bed. Made especially for extra large dogs, this extra large dog bed is built to give that support needed for the weight of your four-legged friend. The highly durable canvas cover ensures that your dog won’t be able to chew through, while the high memory fill within the dog bed helps to keep the dog bed in its original shape even through years of usage.

In order to provide adequate cushioning, this extra-large dog bed comes with internal and external cushions which are easily removable for cleaning through a Velcro system. Apart from that, the antibacterial exterior as well as stain resistance helps to maintain sanitary conditions for your dog bed. What’s more, the dark blue color that this x-large dog bed is made of makes it easy to practically match any room décor that you have.

If you prefer to get a softer x large dog bed for your giant dog, you could consider the Supersoft Extra Large Dog bed. Produced with Hypo-Loft internal stuffing, this bed is soft yet easily washable whenever required.

Another option would be the Durabed Extra Large Dog bed which is raised from your floor to provide extra air circulation beneath the bed, and ultimately extra comfort. Made from a 16 gauge steel frame, this dog bed also helps to keep the cold floor away from your dog and is even veterinarian recommended. With a nylon cover, it is easily washed whenever required and also comes with the necessary padding for added comfort for you friend.

Finally, specialty extra large sized dog beds are also available, such as cooling beds andsuede beds. Pretty soon, your extra large dog will be sleeping on a bed which matches the quality of your own bed! How’s that for your best buddy?

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The Benefits Of Fleece Dog Beds | Dog Beds For You

If you live in a place where temperatures are known to drop to sub zero, it can be very difficult indeed to keep your pet dog warm. In fact, winter time in most places can be really hard on pets as it can become too cold for them to bear. Even if your dog has a very thick coat of fur, do not make the mistake of thinking that it is enough to keep it warm. You should think about getting your pet a warm bed such as a fleece dog bed.

Heated dog beds with their thermal regulators are great for keeping your pet warm and cozy. However, such beds can be very expensive to buy and may not be affordable by all. In such situations, a cost effective alternative is available in fleece dog beds.fleece-dog-bed-9348076, 1626169542

Fleece Dod Bed Benefits And Styles

Beds which have a fleece cover and fleece fillings are not only very comfortable for your pet, but more importantly can keep your dog from getting too cold. Old and arthritic dogs have more problems when it is cold as their joints pain a lot worse. The only way to relieve their pain is to ensure that they are kept warm at all times. This is where fleece dog beds can be extremely useful.

Fleece pet beds are available in many different styles and sizes. If you have a large dog that loves to sprawl out and sleep, you can choose a fleece sleeper in the largest size. Such a bed will give your pet all the room that it wants and the fleece material will protect it from the cold. You could even buy a fleece blanket to cover your pet with if need be.

Donut fleece beds, bolster fleece dog beds, and fleece sacks are great options for smaller dogs and those that love to sleep curled up. There are different sizes of fleece crate beds and fleece mattresses available which are ideal for placing inside a dog crate or a doggie house. Portable fleece sleepers are the best option for a comfortable bed when going on trips with your pet.

Thus, regardless of whether you have a small dog or a big dog, you can get fleece dog beds to suit all breeds of dogs. The best place to shop for such beds is on the Internet as you get a great variety and good prices.,, and are some great websites to begin your shopping for fleece dog beds.

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A Dog Sofa Bed – The Ultimate Luxury | Dog Beds For You

Watching television will certainly become a more enjoyable experience if you get your dog a sofa bed. This is especially true if your dog would be all over you, licking your face and blocking the view of the television. Though this may be a great way to spend some intimate moments with the dog, sometimes it can be rather annoying. With a dog sofa bed, your dog will have its own sofa so you can watch your favorite television program with minimal disturbance.

Dogs simply love the shape of the pet sofa bed as the bolster provides them a sense of security, in addition to the open front which allows easy access. For adult dogs who suffer from joint pains and arthritis, the sofa beds available at are great choices as they are made of either convoluted foam or HR® Reflex Foam, both of which provides full support for the dog’s body. Additionally, foam base beds are able to help reduce stress on the dog’s joints and hips and at the same time, increase circulation and airflow, which may help, prevent arthritis. The foam base for these sofa dog beds measures up to about 7 inches to ensure your dogs get to sleep and rest comfortably in their own, 1626169540

If you prefer sofa beds that are not solely foam-based, the hypro-loft fiber filling dog sofa bed from Orvis comes with a convoluted-foam bottom. The integration of these two types of material makes the pet sofa bed more durable. If you were particular about the excellent quality of your dogs’ beds, another great choice would be the Orvis’ Deluxe dog bed (check out, which has a Dacron Fiber filling. Dacron Fiber is a popular material in making expensive sofa cushion. Also, most dog sofa beds come with removable covers which are also machine wash friendly. Some manufacturers also offer dryer-friendly covers.

Dog owners will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the sofa bed’s finishing and prints. One can choose from microfibre to suede to tartan, and patterns like paw prints or floral. What appeals most to dog owners is that these lovely sofa beds will sit like a dainty piece of furniture in your house. Seeing your dog comfortably nestled in his own sofa makes it even daintier.

Many dog owners may think that a sofa bed as compared to other beds is not a necessity but a luxury that they are not willing to pay for. The good news is that your investment will go a long way with sofa beds that are made of good materials, heavy weight and meant for repeated washing. Some manufacturers are also producing economical versions by replacing top-of-the-range foam with regular foam ( or These economical versions are hot items amongst dog owners, which is why they are often out of stock.

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Assist Your Pet With A Dog Ramp | Dog Beds For You

It is not surprising that some dog owners have never heard of dog ramps. A dog ramp looks like a slide and is usually attached to higher vehicles like SUVs, vans or pick-ups to help your dogs get down from the vehicles. Sometimes, they can be attached to pool or lakesides to help dogs get up from the water. Ramps are also useful to help your little pets make their way up the couch or the bed. Sensitive dog owners will realize that the dog ramp is a very important item as their dogs get older, or if they have a larger adult dog with a mobility problem. Dogs can be made to jump down from vehicles but by doing so, your poor dogs may risk injuring itself. 

Features And Benefits

While some dog owners are unaware of the existence of a dog ramp, others think that it is too heavy to be transported around. Heavy ramps made of steel are so passé. These days, most ramps are made of materials like high impact plastic or heavy-duty aluminum. The average weight is only about 10 lbs. Thus, they have the ability to support even large dogs as heavy as 300 lbs.

For security reasons, most dog ramps are fixed with rubber feet to ensure that they stand steadily and firmly on the ground. Besides rubber feet, some are also equipped with ribbed non-slip surface with rubberized coating to avoid dogs from slipping when they walk down the ramp especially if they have just gotten out of the water.

Types Of Pet Ramps

One can choose to either purchase the half or full ramp. The difference is in the length. The half ramp is ideal if you are just looking for a dog ramp to help your dog move in and out of vehicles or if you want to help your little puppies move easily up and down the couch. It is easier to carry about and it is only half the price of the full ramp. However if you need a longer dog ramp, full ramps are now retractable so you can adjust them from 39 inches to 70 inches according to your needs. Adjusting the length of is an easy task, as you just need to swing them. Some retractable ramps also come with safety release latch to prevent accidental opening.

Manufacturers are becoming more innovative in dog ramp designs. Besides the common ones that look like slides, there are also ramps with stairs. The Solvit stairs on work well to assist dogs in reaching the back seat of your vehicle, as this is rather impossible with normal ramps. The unique sloping treads on the stair will allow even small puppies to climb up and down the stairs easily. Other sites worth checking out are and

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