Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed

Dogs are active pets and do different kinds of activities in search of comfort or entertainment. As a parent of your dog, you know it all, but there are certain things people are unaware of such as whether or not you provide your dog a comfortable bed for sleeping but he wants to stay under your bed. In such a situation people want to know why my dog sleeps under my bed.

There are many reasons for it, some are psychological while others might be some serious issues with your dog. So in order to know why your dog is not willing to sleep in his own bed, we will discuss the topic in detail so stay tuned till the end.

Why Dog Sleep Under Bed

There are many reasons why you do love to sleep under your bed, most of them are natural and you do not need to worry about. Following are some of the reasons you need to know.

Security and Comfort

The main reason for this behavior is security and comfort. Your pet feels more comfortable and secure when you are close to him/her. That’s why he wants to stay as close as possible to you even when sleeping. That’s why he prefer to sleep under your bed than sleeping on a dog’s bed.

You can handle this situation by placing his bed near to you at night so he can sleep comfortably and also near to you so he feels the same and secure also.


Dogs are always in search of a comfortable place for relaxation. When you are growing your puppies you provide him the place near to you and at night on your bed or under it. When he grows and you want to provide a separate space for his bed and relaxation then at start he will refuse to do so. The main reason for this is, he is use to the environment you provided.

It is better to train your dog to sleep on his own bed in early life. This technique will be effective in most of the cases.

Sense of Closeness

Fear can also be the reason your dog refuses to sleep on his bed and prefers a place under your bed. There are many benefits of sleeping close to parents, one is security. He feel more safe when you are close.

Uncomfortable Bed

There are fair chances your pet does not like the bed you provided to him. There might be many reasons for that such as the size issue, not comfortable while sleeping or bugs in the beds. You need to select a bed which is especially designed for your dog’s species. There are different types available in the market and you need to choose the best one which provides a more comfort level.

Hot or Cold

It is also possible that the place you provide your dog for sleeping and activities is not good to handle extreme weather conditions such as hot or cold. You need to provide a proffer place in your home to live comfortably and sleep without problem.

In case the place where you place the dog’s bed is uncomfortable then he definitely chooses to sleep under your bed rather than the place you provided. So it is recommended to choose a proper place after consideration of weather conditions.

Attachment With Owner

If your dog is too attached to you then it also might be a reason for sleeping under the bed of the owner rather than his own bed. Dogs are love seekers and if you care about your dog then with the passage of time he is attached to you like a child attached with their parents.

Bugs in Bed

Bugs in dog’s bed is also a reason, as these bugs create an uncomfortable environment for sleeping. You need to choose a dog bed which is washed when needed so it remains hygienic. It is recommended to change the old bed with a new one when needed.


It might be a habit in some dogs that they prefer to sleep near their owners. Some species prefer to not sleep on beds designed for them and choose a place near their parents. You need to check all the details about your dog’s species before starting parenting.

Medical Issue

If you find none of the above reasons then you need to consult your veterinary doctor about the behavior of your dog. He will guide you in case any kind of problem is diagnosed with your pet. You need to act as per the guidance in order to normalize behavior.


It is natural that your dog chooses a comfortable place for sleeping and after going through this article you are in a position to understand why does my dog sleep under my bed despite him having his own. You can change such behavior with proper training as all these are natural and can be changed with proper training and care.

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