Why Does My Dog Pee On The Bed

Why Does My Dog Pee On The Bed

Dogs pee on the bed for a variety of reasons, some of which are natural, while others necessitate medical attention. As a new parent, one needs to know why does my dog pee on the bed, as they are worried whether it is due to some serious issues or not.

There are many reasons behind dogs peeing on the bed including, anxiety, nutrition deficiency, lack of training, and many other reasons. In order to know all you need to stay tuned till the end you know an important thing about parenting.

Dog Pee On My Bed

There are many known reasons, some are some while others are rare and found only in a few species of dog. Following are some of the key factors that force a dog to feed on their beds.

Urinary tract infection

This is the most common reason which creates the situation where dogs are unable to control their pee. It is a serious issue and needs proper veterinarian consultation. After the medication process, your dog can handle the situation and comes to normal within a short span of time.

Stress or Anxiety

If your dog is facing a situation of stress or anxiety due to many reasons such as the loss of a partner or death or any other reason can also be the cause of peeing on the bed. You need to help your dog to face the situation and come to normal.

In case of stress, you need to provide more time to play with the pet and arrange different kinds of activities so the mind diverts towards positive things. The situation requires proper attention and some time.


If your dog is aging then it also can cause loss of control of pee. It is a normal thing for older dogs to pee on the bed. You need to provide proper medication and also increase healthy activities.

Regular checkup is mandatory in those dogs so the doctor provides medical advice as per the condition of your pet.

Reaction of Medication

Reactions from certain medicines can also cause such problems. If your dog is taking medicine for some issues which cause such a reaction then you need to immediately stop the medicine and consult the doctor as soon as possible.

You do not need to worry about such conditions, reactions happen with the use of certain kinds of medicine. Such conditions happen rarely and need proper medication and treatment.

Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalance can be a reason for dogs to pee on the bed. When your dogs are growing, such things happen especially in females. These changes also occur when a female dog gets pregnant.

Medication after consultation with the veterinarian makes the situation normal within a few days.

Lack of Training

Training is important to know different things including where to pee. You need to train your dog properly about using the bathroom or specified area for peeing. If you are unable to provide or train properly then the ultimate result will be a problem like this.

You can take the services of trained professionals if you do not have time or are unable to train properly. Trainers help dogs to learn many things including how to train dogs not to lick bedsheets.

Extreme Weather

Extreme weather conditions also contribute to such a situation. If the weather is too cold then there are fair chances your dog is unable to cool the pee when it is coming with full pressure and the bathroom is far away.

Extreme Intake of Water or Liquid

In case your pet takes an inadequate amount of water or liquid then you can lose control of pee which results in peeing on your bed. Train you to take as much amount of water as needed to handle such kind of situation


There are many reasons for that including infection, hormonal imbalance, and lack of training. After going through this article you are in a position to know why my dog pee on the bed. You can easily differentiate situations where you need to treat at home and when you need a veterinarian consultation.


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