Why Does My Dog Lick My Bed Sheets

Why Does My Dog Lick My Bed Sheets

Licking is a natural behavior of dogs, as they use it to taste and understand the environment. People who have just started parenting dogs want to know why does my dog lick my bed sheets. It is normal behavior for dogs to lick things, and there are many reasons for such behavior.

In order to know all of this, we will discuss the reason why dogs lick beds and bed sheets. Either this is normal or not. Discuss when you should take your dog to the vet for medical advice. So stay tuned if you want proper parenting for your pets.

Reasons Why Does My Dog Lick My Bed Sheets

There are many reasons for dogs to lick objects; most of the reasons are natural and do not need to be worried about. There are only a few reasons you notice you need to go to your vet doctor to consult about your health.

Taste or Smell

A dog licks bed sheets to check the taste because he feels the smell of detergent coming from them. Dogs have a natural instinct to lick objects that they find appealing. You might notice your pet mostly licks the bed sheet when you wash it with detergent or when you start using a new bed sheet.

It is normal, and you need not worry about it, You can train your dog not to do such things. The training requires time, but it provides the desired result after some time.

Anxiety or stress

Anxiety or stress about something else might also be the reason for such behavior. If your dog is experiencing any stress, such as when you take another dog home, then the old one feels uncomfortable.

You need to manage such conditions with proper care and attention as it is not a normal thing that your dog experienced before. You need to take care of him as you do regularly.


If your dog is not doing any kind of activity then there are fair chances of boredom which can lead to such behavior. You need to provide enough activities to your pet in order to maintain the good health of your dog.

You need to set a proper time for different activities and also take them to parks and other places to provide them with change. They feel relaxed with different activities.

Attention Seeking

Attention-seeking can also be a reason why your dog licks your bedsheet. If you are too busy with your work and unable to arrange some time to play with your dog then in such conditions your dog provides you the signals that he needs attention. There are many other things dogs do to get attention such as sleeping under the bed.

You just need to provide some time to your pet in such a condition as he only requires your attention and love.

Marking Behavior

It is also a sign of marking the territory in some species of dogs. They mark objects and things with their tongue to show it belongs to them. You can train them to not do such a thing but it needs some time.

It is recommended to know all the details about the species before starting to parent them.


It is also noticed that some parents train their dogs to lick different objects in order to taste them or to understand the nature of the thing. Such traits of such training became part of your dog’s regular behavior, so it is recommended to train your pets positively.

Medical condition

A nutritional deficiency could cause the bedsheet-licking behavior. In such conditions, you need to consult your veteran doctor for proper treatment. Once the nutritional deficiency issue is resolved the behavior of your dog comes to normal.


It is a natural instinct of a dog to lick; the reasons might be seeking attention, anxiety, or others, which we discussed in detail. Most of the reasons are normal and nothing to worry about. In cases of deficiency, you need to consult your doctor. We hope after going through this article you understand why does my dog lick my bed sheets.

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