Why Did My Dog Poop On My Bed

Why Did My Dog Poop On My Bed

It’s not normal, as dogs are known as well-behaved animals. If your dog suddenly starts doing this then you need to know why my dog poop on my bed. There might be many reasons for that, including anxiety, digestive problems, or any other issue. 

Dogs are known as well-behaved animals, so when they start behaving in unusual ways, there must be a reason behind it. In order to find the solution, we need to know the exact reason why your dog started pooping on beds.

Dog Poop on Bed – Reasons and Solutions

There are many reasons for this, including health issues. Some of the issues only need your attention and training, while others require a consultation with a doctor. Following are some of the well-known reasons.

  • If your dog is facing some kind of health issue, such as digestive problems, then it can lead to poop on the bed or mattress. 
  • Anxiety or stress can also cause serious issues with your dog, including bad behavior like pooping in different parts of the house.
  • If your dog is untrained then it is a serious problem. Dogs who are not trained have such bad behavior
  • In case your dog is taking any kind of medication there are chances of any kind of reaction from such medicine which leads to this situation.
  • Separation from the partner can also be a reason

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How To Stop Your Dog From Pooping On The Bed?

Following are some of the steps you can take in order to stop your dog from pooping on the bed.

  • The best possible solution is to consult any veterinarian and discuss the issue in detail if your dog has had any past issues such as anxiety, stress, or digestive problems. We will treat the dog better.
  • Train your dog properly about the potty; if you are unable to train properly, you can seek professional assistance. It is critical to train your dog properly about where to go potty and to understand the signs of the potty.
  • In cases of anxiety or stress, you need to know the reason behind it and solve the issue that causes such problems. Furthermore, increasing the time of activities of your dog, also help to improve the situation
  • You can also limit your dog’s access to your bed, but this is not a full-time solution that you can use for a short period of time.


Why did my dog pee and poop on my bed?

If your dog pees and poops on your bed, then they need proper training on where to do these kinds of activities. If you train your dog with pampers and pads, this problem may arise because they are accustomed to doing pees and poos. 

How do you discipline a dog that poops in the house?

Proper training is the ultimate solution to that problem. You need to train your dog where to poop and pee in the house. You also need to develop the skill of understanding the signs to understand that you are asking him to go to the bathroom and pee or poop.


It is not normal behavior and also creates a lot of problems for dog parents as it is difficult to clean the bed. We hope after going through the article you are in a position to understand why did my dog poop on my bed and also know the tips to stop them.

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