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Choosing a dog bed is the fabric that it is made out of. It is an essential consideration as the fabric will determine whether it is cool or warm for your dog, how easy it is to care for the bed, and whether the pet bed can be used outdoors and indoors. Beds for dogs are typically made from different fabrics such as canvas, leather (faux and natural), satin, fleece, Cordura, nylon, and vinyl. Here’s a look at the features and benefits of vinyl dog beds. Vinyl Fabrics Used To Make Dog Beds

  • 1. Commercial grade vinyl: This type of vinyl fabric, also known as heavy-duty commercial vinyl, is trendy for dog beds. It is a solid and durable fabric, which in turn, makes the vinyl pet bed strong and long-lasting. Commercial vinyl is available in different grades and is measured in ounces. The ounce measure is an indication of the strength of the fabric. The higher the ounce measure, the more robust and durable the vinyl.
    Forty ounces and 29 ounces are the two grades used most frequently for dog beds, with 40 ounces being tougher than 29 ounces. However, both these grades of vinyl make for excellent bed fabrics. But it would help if you avoided beds that are made from a lower quality grade of vinyl as these may not be very durable. The beauty of this fabric is that it is very smooth to the touch and is also non-porous. It means that the vinyl dog beds will be highly comfortable for your dog and also very easy to clean.
    2. Vinyl weave: The second type of vinyl used is called Vinyl Weave. As this fabric is more expensive than commercial vinyl, it is typically used for more high-end deluxe dog beds and not your basic discounted beds. The tight weaves of the fabric make it very breathable, which in turn helps air to pass through the material and keep your dog cool. Water can also pass through the vinyl, thus making the beds easy to wash and clean. Since the fabric does not get spoilt with water, these pet beds can even be used in outdoor locations.

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