Quality Dog Beds For A Happy Dog

Since your dog has always been there for you as your faithful companion and best friend, he deserves to be rewarded with Quality Dog Beds. Thus, when it comes to quality dog beds, a few brand names have been renowned for making some of the best quality pet beds for years. Orvis is one of these brands you can rely comfortably on, primarily on designs that are simple yet classic. What makes Orvis so popular amongst dog owners is the filling in the dog beds. The exclusive Supreme Polyfil is well known for its ability to retain its loft and silence, making it the perfect fill for light sleepers. For added comfort, you can mix this fill with other ones, such as foam or cedar. As Orvis has been popularly known for its customizations, you have the luxury of selecting the bed’s cover, filling, and even shape that best suits your and your dogs’ needs. Perk Perkins, the man behind this brand, is a dog lover. Therefore he truly understands your dog’s needs by paying attention to every bed detail. Its signature bed, the Dog Nest, is a must-buy for every dog owner. Choose your favorite shape, cover and fill and let your dog rest on a cozy chew-proof bed.

Another great name is Kuranda dog beds. Kuranda’s elevated beds are popular amongst dog owners who own older dogs. Being almost 6-9 inches above the ground, sleeping on a high dog bed will protect your dog from the flea cycle (which can only hop about 6 inches up the air) and the cold, hard floor. Its poly-resin sleeve protects the fabrics of Kuranda’s beds, making them chew-proof. In addition, there are also no corner gaps to bite, making it the perfect bed for your dogs or even puppies still in the chewing phase. Kuranda is so confident with its chew-proof beds that they even offer a one-year guarantee. Their elevated beds are made of rigid materials such as wrought iron, aluminum, and solid wood, making them the best long-term investment for you and your dog as these beds are durable and long-lasting.

Regarding the best fabrics in dog beds, Bowser is undoubtedly the cream of the crop. Over the years, Bowser has lived up to its forte, providing dogs worldwide with the warmth and comfort they need by making beds covered with soft luxurious fabrics such as micro suede velvet, cotton, chenille, Berber, and even toile dog beds. The chic and classy designs and the earthy shades of Bowser quality dog beds blend harmoniously with your room decor.


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