Magnetic Dog Beds To Ease Aching Joints and Muscles

Magnetic Dog Beds are a new addition and gaining popularity with time. The theory of how magnetic therapy works on your dogs is quite simple. Magnetism increases blood circulation where pain occurs, forcing blood to flow through a magnetic field. The heat produced from this process would increase the oxygen flow to the affected area, which helps to speed up the healing process. Realizing the therapeutic benefits of magnetism, many dog bed manufacturers are incorporating magnetic pads into their beds. Magnetic beds can potentially speed up the recovery of sore backs, bruises, swells, and muscle damage. These beds are also ideal for dogs suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia.

You will be able to find Orthopedic Magnetic pet beds that increase the dog’s melatonin production. Releasing this hormone will help reduce the dog’s pain if they suffer from injuries.

To view the different magnetic dog beds available in the market. Amarillo and Magna-Mat offer an excellent range of magnetic beds that help reduce the pain of dogs suffering from arthritis.

They are pretty much the same in the design of magnetic beds. Magnetic buttons are sandwiched between layers of foam. Such magnetic buttons are positioned strategically to enable the user to enjoy the maximum benefits of magnetic therapy.

Many dog owners may assume that magnetic dog beds are heavy and, therefore, somewhat difficult to move around. However, this is not entirely true, as magnetic beds are usually pads, which can be placed on the floor, in crates, on your couch, or even on the car seat.

Before buying a magnetic bed, it would be wise to check the gauss rating of the magnets inserted into the beds. Higher gauss ratings indicate deeper magnetic penetration into your dog’s body. For more elevated gauss-rated magnetic beds, you can try the Polar Power dog beds, each containing bio magnets measuring 3,950 gausses each. Also, the number of bio magnets varies according to the bed size. For example, the smaller beds are fitted with around 20 bio magnets, while large ones come with 40 bio magnets. With the additional bio magnets in more extensive beds, even large dogs can experience the benefits of magnetic therapy.


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