Is It Bad For Dogs To Jump Off Beds?

Is It Bad For Dogs To Jump Off Beds

Jumping off the bed can result in a variety of injuries for your dog, including fractures, spinal injuries, and muscle tears. When people start parenting dogs for the first time, they are confused, as they are unable to decide whether jumping is a healthy activity or is it bad for dogs to jump off beds.

Although jumping provides physical activity to dogs, which is good for their muscles, at the same time, there are different kinds of injuries that can happen due to jumping off. We will discuss all the details in this article, so if you want to save your pets from injuries then stay tuned till the end.

Dog Jumping Off Bed – Outcomes

There are many different kinds of injuries your dog can face due to jumping off bad. The conditions of these injuries can be minor with some major problems. As a caring parent of your pet, you need to know all about these in order to avoid such things. It’s important for dog owners to supervise their pets and discourage them from jumping off beds, especially if they are at risk for injury.

Joint, Bones, and Muscle Injuries

The most commonly reported injuries in dogs due to falling off beds include joint, bone, and muscle injuries. When you suddenly jump from the bed it creates a huge amount of pressure on the body of the dog which directly affects these things and causes injuries.

The impact of injury depends on many factors, including the height of the bed, the age of the pet, and the speed of jumping. The injuries to bones and joints can result in serious pain and require long duration for recovery after treatment.


There are fair chances of arthritis if the dog jumps off the bed and falls down. Arthritis is a serious problem that happens due to inflammation of joints. The pain will be serious and require serious medical treatment in such situations.

Due to arthritis, the pet needs to deal with pain, stiffness, and limited movement. You can say that if such a thing happens then he can not live a normal life.

Spinal Injury

The likelihood of spinal injuries is low, but a few cases have been reported as a result of falling out of bed. It is a serious injury that requires surgeries and long-term medication to survive.

Impact on Other Issues

If a dog already has injuries, jumping off beds or falling from them can aggravate their condition. Such as, if your dog is facing hip dysplasia then the other hip injury impact increases as well.

Anxiety or Fear

The indirect impact of jumping and falling off from bed can be anxiety and fear in your dog. The reason for fear occupies space in their minds if he is injured while playing on the bed and jumping here and there. Due to anxiety, there are many other problems your dog can face such as scratching bed sheets.

Damage to Furniture

There are chances of any kind of damage to furniture in this process. It includes a bed, tables, chairs and other furniture which are decorated near to the bed. Which not only damages but also increases the impact of the injury.


We hope you are in a position to understand if it is bad for dogs to jump off beds. There are many serious injuries that happen so it’s important for dog owners to supervise their dogs and discourage such kinds of activities.

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