Finding The Perfect Gusset Dog Beds

Dog beds can replace dog crates, especially if the pet owner is open to the idea that his prized pooch is a part of the family and, like anybody else, should have an appropriate place in the house. In this regard, it is only fitting and proper that dog owners take note of the style and overall designed purpose of such a bed, as this will be the only place wherein the dog should experience maximum comfort. One type of dog bed that is not only highly useful but also stylish is the gusset dog beds. These days, manufacturers of this type of dog bed have come up with various ideas concerning design, flexibility, coziness, and overall purpose. For example, some are made of solid fabrics that should support the weight and movement of the dog. Meanwhile, gusset dog beds are designed for easy cleaning (on the dog owner’s part), thus promoting a cleaner environment for the dog. Moreover, gusset beds also come in various shapes and sizes to fit the available space in the dog owner’s place.

However, if you prefer having gusset dog beds (and not just ordinary dog beds) instead of dog crates, make sure that you choose the one that best fits your dog’s size, character, and needs. Take note of the following in finding that perfect dog bed:

  • The bed should be made of premium materials that are guaranteed to be durable and provide comfort. In their strictest sense, high-quality materials equal years of service without compromising the expected results. As such, from the fillings and covers to the zippers, your gusset bed should stand out. Be on the lookout for stain-resistant fabrics and odor-resistant foams, as these materials offer round-the-clock optimum support.
  • Your choice of gusset pet bed should prove to be the type that guarantees optimum comfort and support. Remember that your dog’s health and comfort are among your top concerns. Make it a point to examine the fillings thereof. The foams or fillings used should be able to offer support to your dog constantly. They should be durable and soft enough to ensure that your beloved canine does not feel the pressure of being on the bed. Remember that an over-stuffed bed is way better than an under-stuffed one.
  • The size of the bed should complement your dog’s weight or size. Here is a rule of thumb: always see to it that the gusset dog bed’s parameter occupies a bigger space than the area covered by your dog when it lays down with all its legs stretched outward. If you will purchase one in the mall and you can’t bring your dog along with you, you may list down your dog’s dimensions for comparison. When shopping online, look for the sizes of the gusset beds and compare them with your dog’s.
  • Finally, the gusset bed should make the cleaning thereof easy for you. Make sure your choice has removable covers and can be washed using the washing machine or manual cleaning. It will ensure you won’t squander precious hours just cleaning the bed.


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