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Fancy Dog Beds

The industry is growing at a rapid pace, all because dogs are being regarded as family members by most of their owners, who don’t mind spending some money to ensure their safety and happiness. In recent years, pet owners have become all the rage with organic dog feed, designer dog apparel, and healthy doggie treats. So it is no wonder that fancy dog beds are now appearing on the scene. Fancy dog beds include everything from luxury to designer beds, deluxe beds, beds-on-the-go, crate beds, and everything in between! Dog bed manufacturers continuously outdo each other in a quest to make the fanciest beds for dogs. But, of course, dog lovers like you and me are the ultimate winners.

Fancy Dog Bed

Sleep EZ Bed: This is a two-in-one bed. One side of this bed is made with cotton, which ensures that the bed remains cool, thus providing immense relief in hot weather. The other side of the bed is made from Sherpa wool, which keeps it warm and gives heat during the cold months. This bed can be machine-washed and used with dog crates and houses.

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Car-Go Bed: This is the ultimate portable fancy dog bed available today. It rolls up much like a sleeping bag and can thus be carried along comfortably. So, if you enjoy taking your dog on trips with you, you can roll out its bed in a van and ensure a smooth ride for your pet.

Both of these dog beds are available at Pet Dreams.

Fancy dog beds are also available in elegant shapes and options. If your pet is not too happy with its rug on the floor, you can pamper it with a chaise lounge bed fit for royalty. Or, you could choose a large sofa bed which makes for a fantastic night of rest and doubles up as an attractive perch during the day. If you love your armchair and want the same kind of pleasure for your pet, the fancy armchair bed for dogs is a perfect choice.

Thus, you can get a dog bed to match your preferences and tastes (and that of your dog, of course!).




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