An Elevated Dog Bed Keeps Away Fleas And The Cold

Elevated Dog Bed

Many dog owners are concerned that their pets may contract Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD), a common ailment caused by fleas. Seeking medical treatment to cure the poor dog would be a nightmare, but what is worse is the effort needed to break the flea cycle. Fleas can jump 6-7 inches up the air and almost one foot horizontally. Dog owners are now purchasing elevated dog beds to avoid this problem. It is nearly 9 inches up from the ground; your dog will be able to sleep in the “flea-free” zone. Besides fleas, dogs who sleep on elevated dog beds can also escape many types of insects constantly crawling on the ground. There are some great-looking high Kuranda Dog beds.

Elevated Dog Bed

As four legs fully support elevated pet beds, dog owners may be concerned about their ability to keep a dog’s weight. Purchasing an elevated bed for dogs made from wrought iron or wood should not be a problem. If your dog has not gotten rid of his chewing habits, it would be best to choose iron beds or beds made from chew-proof wood. Mattresses made from such materials can also support large dogs of up to 130 pounds. Also, rubber feet are fitted onto an elevated dog bed to prevent the bed from skidding. With this, your dog can freely throw himself, roll and jump on his bed as much as he likes.

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Besides keeping your dogs from fleas and insects, an elevated dog bed will also ensure that your dogs are always one level above the cold hard floor. You will find some great beds by Petmate that offer many orthopedic benefits. Unlike foam beds placed on the grounds, these elevated foam dog beds can help prevent condensation, which causes the foam to rot.

Cleaning up is easy as most lifted dog beds come with machine-washable covers which can be removed by unzipping. Maintaining the cleanliness of an elevated bed frame is even easier; wipe the bed with a wet cloth. Mattresses that are elevated also allow you to clean the floor without moving the bed at all.



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