Dog Bed Replacement Covers For A Cozy Time!

Entice your dog with a new dog bed if you think he has grown sick looking at his old bed. You won’t have to waste considerable money to buy a new bed, but rather replace the covers for a brand new look! Orvis offers a buffet of bed covers in many different materials and patterns. For example, if you purchased a dog nest bed from Orvis, you could always buy a replacement dog bed cover, available in seven sizes and practices, such as tartan or patchwork. These classic designs will give your dog bed an instant face-lift.

Dog couch beds also do not have to end up in the trash bin once the arm bolsters start to tear and lose their loft. There are replacement bed covers even for couch beds. Do not worry about struggling to fit the bed into the covers, as the replacement dog bed covers come with zippers.

Different materials also work to serve other purposes. For example, to keep your dog warm and cozy on winter days but cool on summer afternoons, the Berber-Sherpa cover would be the ultimate choice as the material can retain heat when it is cold and eliminate heat when the temperature rises. However, suppose you want additional durability for your dog beds. In such conditions, you can choose a replacement bed cover made of industrial canvas, tough enough to last you the lifetime of your dog’s bed.

For dogs still at the chewing stage, buying them a chew-proof replacement cover would be a great idea. Chew-proof replacement covers are usually made of super rugged denier Cordura. If your dog’s bed is filled with non-chew-proof materials, you can always replace the outside with a chew-proof one. When the dog cannot bite through the cover, it is almost impossible that he will be able to reach the core of the bed.

Investing in good brands such as Orvis, SSS, GelPedic, or Mammoth is never a bad idea, as these products offer the exact bed covers to replace all their models of dog beds. For the exclusive GelPedic bed, there is the GelPedic bed cover with zippers for easy removal. Do not just settle for a cheaper replacement cover, as GelPedic bed covers are specially designed to protect the bed.

Also available in the market is the SSS Petcare fitted sheet made of durable polycotton twill that fits the bed like a second skin. Fitted replacement bed covers are unique, as you do not have to flatten the bed sheets each time your dog gets up. It ensures your dog’s bed looks tidy effortlessly.


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