Cool Dog Bed Keep Your Dog’s Temperature At Bay

Cool Dog Bed

A healthy dog’s body temperature ranges from 37.2 to 39.2 degrees Celsius. It explains why a dog may get warmer faster than human beings. Following their instincts, dogs will always seek a more excellent surface to lie on when it gets warm. Often, they end up sleeping on cold hard floors. Although these surfaces provide a more relaxed place to lie, doing this may place your dogs at risk of getting arthritis. It is one main reason why it is essential to get your dog a cool dog bed.

Cool Dog Bed

K&H, the same brand that produces some of the best bed warmers, also has a cooling bed with varying sizes within their product line. While surfing online, you can take a closer look at this bed. Indeed, the bed is always kept cool by radiating heat back to the air or floor. In addition, this bed’s water-saturated core helps absorb the dog’s body heat, producing a cooling effect.

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Another excellent cooler bed to look out for is the Canine Cooler Thermo regulating dog bed. With its one-of-a-kind Soothsoft Comfort Technology, this water-based bed can absorb a lot of heat. The tip for using this fantastic dog bed is to place it in the cool and shady corner of your house, as more excellent surroundings will help increase its cooling abilities.

Cool beds like K&H and Canine provide therapeutic benefits too. The cooling effect from these beds can ease the discomfort of arthritic dogs. Filled with the right amount of fluid, the flexible surface of these beds can conform to the dog’s body shape to help reduce pressure points.

All cool pet beds are properly sealed, so there should be no worries about leakage. In addition, dog beds designed for cooling have been claimed to be one of the easiest to maintain. You need to keep it clean is to wipe the bed with a wet cloth. After that, you only need to be careful not to place these cool dog beds under direct sunlight.



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